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Minutes of Meetings of Advisory Council
Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls (BWSSCWoW)
161215Meeting for December 15, 2016 (10AM at Pinn Center):
(Attendees:  Cora Foley, Ned Barnes, Zurii Conroy, Larry Mark, Sam and Shirley DiBartolo, Milton Elder.)
1.  Monthly Meeting was changed to accommodate Zurii Conroy, Operations Manager for Region 4.  Regular Meeting will be on Third Tuesdays in the afternoon at 1PM at Pinn Center (rather than 10AM).
For January Meeting -- registration on Monday, January 23, 2017 at Kings Park Meeting Room.
For February Meeting -- Third Tuesday, February 21, 2017 (1PM at Pinn Center).
2.  Cake was shared by BWSSCWoW Advisory Council to celebrate Ned Barnes' promotion to Operations Manager for Region 2.
3.  Website subscription of $161.64 for 3 years (2017, 2018, 2019) was paid.  In addition, $15 per year charge for domain name.  The Advisory Council approved withdrawal of restricted funds from the Friends of Fairfax County Senior Citizens Council to pay for part of the website costs.  Corazon Foley sent Friends of Fairfax County Senior Center request for withdrawal of $100 earmarked restricted account to help pay for website subscription. BWSSCWoW Account Balance:  504.64 less 161.64 = 343.00 balance.
4.  Request for square dancing made by Sam DiBartolo.  Qigong will be added to Winter session.
5.  Cora Foley sent Zurii Conroy the emails of Advisory Council members and suggested the following items:
-- 86th Birthday party for Larry Mark in May or June 2017.
-- Pinn Community Day in Summer 2017.
-- Trip to Washington DC in June or October 2017  - free trip to Museum
-- Expanded Programs, including Square Dancing and need for new rooms for election time when the Springfield Community Room at the Police Station will not be available for BWSSCWoW programs.
-- Submission to Commonwealth Council on Aging Best Practices Awards for 2017 and the Arts Council of Fairfax for the "Seniors Giving Back to Community" International Folk Dancing and Local History Seminars of the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls.
-- Testimonies at the April 2017 Budget Hearing of the Board of Supervisors to request support for the $50,000 budget needed to pay churches/community centers used by the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls (BWSSCWoW) and the coalition for the FY2020 Bond Referendum for the Springfield Community Center in South Run Park.
Cora Foley reported on her December 12, 2016 meeting with Sharon Bulova's staff - Clayton Medford and Christina Fullmer.

Next Meeting - Third Tuesday, February 21, 2017 (1PM) Pinn Community Center.

161115Meeting for November 14, 2016 (10AM at Pinn Center):
(Attendees: Cora Foley, Ned Barnes, Sam DiBartolo, Larry Mark, Zurii Conrol.  Absent: Milton Elder, Shirley DiBartolo)
1.  Ned Barnes has been promoted to Region 2 Operational Manager and will start in a week but will work with us through January 23, 2017 registration for the Winter season 2017.
2.  Zurii Conroy has been promoted to Region 4 Operational Manager.  Cora discussed the petition for the permanent facility for the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls (BWSSCWoW) and the webpage to build a coalition for the FY2020 Bond Referendum for the Springfield Community Center in South Run Park.
3.  Sam DiBartolo reported bank account = $504.64.  He asked if Burke Conservancy should send a note to all the Supervisors that the county should pay for facility maintenance like it does for schools.  Cora said yes and that she will be discussing the issue with churches currently supporting BWSSCWoW.
4.  Larry Mark reported on the Friends of the Fairfax County Senior Centers and the issue of the online website being developed to garner contributions for the General Fund.
5.  Holiday Party being organized by Cathy Byon and Saskia Orizondo - no contributions required of Advisory Council.

161019Meeting for October 19, 2016 (10AM at Pinn Center):
(Attendees: Cora Foley, Ned Barnes, Sam and Shirley DiBartolo, Milton Elder.  Absent: Larry Mark)
Draft Agenda that we can change at our meeting on 
Wednesday, October 19, 2016 (10AM) at Pinn Center.

1.  Creating Coalition for Springfield Community/Senior Center at South Run Park to be funded through the bond referendum of FY2020, as discussed with Chairman Bulova, as well as interim funding to pay churches/community facilities for BWSSCWoW programs until the permanent facility is built at South Run Park.

2.  2017 Testimonies at the Budget Hearing in support of the interim funding to pay churches/community facilities, including schools and South Run RecCenter, for BWSSCWoW programs.  Testimony by Advisory Council Members would be most helpful.  Sam DiBartolo, as Trustee of Burke Conservancy, could stress that the county should not expect churches and community groups to donate facilities for free in perpetuity, particularly since the county pays for storefront rentals for senior centers, like Lorton and Kingstowne.  (Note:  On October 19th, Sam noted that the Burke Conservancy is encountering budget difficulties and would have to raise fees -- so would support need for BWSSCWoW to pay.)

3.  Discussion of BWSSCWoW Fall programs, including the December 10, 2016 holiday party for which Saskia Orizondo
and Cathy Byon have volunteered to lead. (Note: On 10/19, Cora mentioned Marilu Ubas could teach square dancing.)

4.  Support by Friends of Fairfax County Senior Centers for the plan by BWSSCWoW to request grant support from the Arts Council of Fairfax -- that Evan Braff will draft.  Another plan is to compete for monetary awards from the Virginia Commonwealth Council on Aging Best Practices Awards 2017 -- building on the Honorable Mention Award in 2016 for the BWSSCWoW Seniors Giving Back to Community - International Folk Dancing and Local History Seminars.

5.  Kingstowne Travel Club -- great program (Cora joined the trip to Niagara Falls, Canada -- as well as the trip to Charlotteville).  Possibility of partnership with BWSSCWoW advertising the program and maybe, the bus could start at Kingstowne Senior Center and stop at the Burke/West Springfield area to pick up BWSSCWoW participants.

160920 Meeting for September 20, 2016 (1PM at Pinn Center):
(Attendees: Cora Foley, Ned Barnes, Sam and Shirley DiBartolo, Larry Mark.  Absent: Milton Elder)
Discussed the testimony of Cora Foley to the Board of Supervisors on 9/20/2016 at 10AM:

160621Meeting for June 21, 2016 (10AM at Pinn Center):
(Attendees: Cora Foley, Ned Barnes, Sam and Shirley DiBartolo, 
Milton Elder.  Absent: Larry Mark)
1.  Next Meeting: Third Tuesday, September 20, 2016.
Pinn Center not available in August and September because of summer youth programs.  
2.  Registration will be on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 (10AM) at Kings Park Library Meeting Room.
3.  Ned reported that Janet Guzzano's yoga will move to 10AM Thursday.
Saaskia Orizondo needs knee rehab on Tuesday so Yong Barker will substitute.
Saaskia will continue to do class monitoring on Fridays.
4.  Cora reported that Abiding Presence Thursday class will start at 10:30AM in August 
and then 11AM in September until we leave for Pohick Regional Library.
5.  Cora will meet with Pat Herrity in a "closed meeting" as he requested.  Her goals are to accelerate the bond referendum to 2017 (not 2020) and to relieve Ekoji Temple by having Hula class moved to Springfield Community Center (with rug removed and safer, laminated flooring installed).
Cora will also raise the issue of Pohick Regional Library renovation increased by 42% from $5 million to $7.1 million and the library still sub-standard as regional library.
6.  Sam suggested that a Senior Bowling Team be developed -- Ned will inquire.
In response to Sam's query about Square Dancing, Cora said that she has developed dvds with square dancing videos with excellent callers that we could use once we move to Pohick Regional Library.  Cora inquired about her request for the
LCD projector with DVD and Ned said that Evan is checking on what Pohick Library will provide.
7.  Cora said that the Thursdays Pohick Library programs (8am - 2PM) could include
9AM Square Dancing; 10AM Line Dancing; 12PM International Folk Dancing.
8.  Thursday July 21, 2016 Trip to Torpedo Factory (already 14 signed up and Ned will get 20-seater bus).
9.  Thursday September 22, 2016 Birthday Party for Shirley (80) and Bill Sheads (93).
10.  BWSSCWoW Bank Account - $504.64 (funds were spent on supplies for folk dancing).
11.  Cora said that she submitted a report to the Friends of Fairfax County Senior Centers that BWSSCWoW intends to apply for grants from the Arts Council of Fairfax and would like to use the 501(c)3 status.  Awaiting reply.
Cora added that she plans to apply for money from Virginia Commonwealth Council on Aging Best Practices Awards 2017 -- building from the Honorable Mention recognition in 2016.
Discussion After Meeting Adjourned:
10.  Karen Gasper of Little River Glen was talking to Ned so Cora raised performance by BWSSCWoW International Folk Dance Team.  Cora followed up with email to Karen about August performance.
11.  Sam DiBartolo suggested a trip to National Geographic and the date of Monday, October 24, 2016 was chosen.
12.  Sam DiBartolo will confirm the time for the performance by the BWSSCWoW International Folk Dance Team
at the Burke Centre Festival -- preferred time 1:30PM on Sunday, September 11, 2016.

160517Meeting for May 17, 2016 (10AM at Pinn Center);
(Attendees: Cora Foley, Larry Mark, Ned Barnes, Fletcher Phillips;
Absent: Milton Elder, Sam and Shirley DiBartolo)

1.  Larryreported on the Monday, May 16, 2016 meeting of the Friends of the Fairfax County Senior Centers.
He noted that the guidelines stated that "each Senior Center is responsible for contributing to at least one general fundraiser during the year to be eligible for distribution of funds."  BWSSCWoW has $100 in restricted account.
2.  Next Meeting will on Third Tuesday, June 21, 2016 (10AM) at Pinn Center.
3.  Larry Mark and Cora Foley discussed implementation of the Career Seminars
as part of the BWSSCWoW Seniors Giving Back to Community Project
and Cora Foley sent the following email to Evan Braff and Chris Leonard for comment:

Good Afternoon Chris and Evan.
At our Advisory Council meeting this morning (Tuesday, May 17, 2016) at Pinn Center,
Larry Mark and I discussed the concept of career seminars by seniors
to assist the youth (mainly elementary school students grade 5-6)
as part of BWSSCWoW Seniors Giving Back to Community.

The career seminar idea has the following assumptions:
1.  Seniors are "has-beens" so our information would be of less interest to high school students
and maybe of more value to elementary school students (particularly at grades 5-6).

2.  Career seminars would avoid the problem of sexual abuse issues
since the seniors will not touch the students and the students will not touch the seniors.

The career seminar idea implementation would involve the following:
1.  Survey of students with the following issues:
a.   What age group would be most interested in career seminars
(we assume grades 5-6, but we need confirmation)

b.   What topics (list of career interests) would the target audience want addressed.
For example, Larry Mark has a degree Dairy Husbandry and could address
information campaign by the government on issues of interest to
students interested in becoming veterinarians.

My husband Mike and I could address topics of interest
to students interested in becoming State Department Diplomats or CIA professionals.

2.  The survey would be done in a pilot school(s):
working with the principal of Bonnie Brae ES
or Cherry Run ES (where my daughter-in-law is a teacher).

3.  The results of the survey would assist BWSSCWoW
in recruiting speakers for career seminars that we expect
would be 30 minutes to an hour for each one.

Thanks to Fletcher Phillips (copied on this email) who gave us his input
as a young professional talking to senior career "has-beens" like Larry and me.

Larry and I used to work on career mentoring programs for the federal government
but that was for college grads who wanted access and jobs
but we are now long-retired and could not provide access to jobs
but could provide information to elementary school students
wondering what they would do when they grow up.

Your comments are most welcome on this project
that Larry Mark and I are developing as part of the
BWSSCWoW Seniors Giving Back to Community: Career Seminars for Youth

Thanks and Best Regards.   Cora Foley

160419Meeting for April 19, 2016 (10AM at Pinn Center):
(Attendees: Cora Foley, Sam and Shirley DiBartolo, Ned Barnes.
Excused Absences for Medical Reasons: Larry Mark and Milton Elder)
1.  Meeting will be returned to 10AM on Third Tuesdays since that works well for most Council Members.
Next Meeting will be on Third Tuesday, May 17, 2016 at 10:00AM at Pinn Center.

2.   Thursday, September 22, 2016 (12PM - 2PM) at Pinn Center will be 
80+ Birthday Celebration for Shirley DiBartolo (80) and Bill Sheads (93).

3.   Cora Foley reported that the BWSSCWoW Seniors Giving Back to Community: International Folk Dancing and Local History Seminars received the Honorable Mention Award from the Commonwealth Council of Aging 2016 Best Practices.  She will work with the Arts Council of Fairfax to get a grant for the project.

4.   Sam DiBartolo reported that bank account balance is $716.64 with Cora Foley's donation
to Inside Out program of Bonnie Brae ES and payment for supplies for Seniors Giving Back to Community.
Cora Foley's $200 donation is the highest amount of total $730 donations to Bonnie Brae Inside Out.

5.    For the April 30, 2016 Bonnie Brae ES Inside Out program, Cora Foley requested that the International Folk Dancing Program be held inside the building for the costumes are made of expensive silk and other fabrics and should not be used for outside performances.  Ned said he will inquire with Bonnie Brae ES and maybe the International Folk Dancing will be held at the foyer (although Cora Foley requested use of cafeteria, if possible.)   

6.   The website will be canceled when the subscription runs out so Cora Foley's donation to the BWSSCWoW bank account does not have to be unnecessarily used when she has her own website on which the registration forms could be posted and then linked to Facebook scwow account.

7.    Monday, April 25, 2016 Registration will start at 10AM and Ned will pick up key from Kings Park Library.   Cora Foley made the reservation for the Meeting Room of Kings Park Library.

8.    Cora Foley reported on the progress of petition by BWSSCWoW:
a.   The April 7 International Folk Dance in front of the BoS was very successful and commended by Sharon Bulova who said the Supervisors were really talking about it.
b.   The April 13 working group meeting with Sharon Bulova was very successful in terms of setting out interim and long-term options for Springfield Senior Center.  Cora Foley reported that  more working group meetings will be held to finalize agreements among stakeholders.  

9.  Cora Foley said that a celebration maybe possible for the opening of Sheads Court to honor the family of 
93-year old Bill Sheads, longtime Burke resident and member of the history project - CHES of BWSSCWoW.    

10.  Cora Foley also suggested that an "Inside Out" Project could also be done at the Pohick Regional Library when it opens and starts hosting BWSSCWoW programs, particularly the Thursday Line Dancing (10AM - 12PM).
She would call on the new Library Director when the time is most appropriate.

160314Meeting for March 14, 2016 (10AM at Pinn Center):
(Attendees: Cora Foley, Larry and Mary Mark, Sam and Shirley DiBartolo, Milton Elder, 
                  Ned Barnes, Fletcher Phillips of Pinn Center)
1.  Next Meeting will be on Third Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 1:30PM at Pinn Center.

2.  Next Registration will be at 10AM at Kings Park Meeting Room
     and on Monday, April 25, 2016 since Tuesday was booked by another group.

3.  Financial Balance as of March 14, 2016 - $916.64.
     Cora Foley submitted to Sam a check for $200 to BWSSCWoW as pass-through 
     for Inside-Out Project at Bonnie Brae ES 
     and on Facebook BWSSCWoW site:
     (Ned will keep track of pass-through donations thru BWSSCWoW)
     The bulk of BWSSCWoW funds has been donated personally by Cora Foley who solicited the rest.

4.  Thursday, March 17, 2016 (12PM - 2PM) Birthday Party for 90-year old Pacita Aguas
     and 80-year old Sam DiBartolo at the Pinn Center with sandwiches and cake.
     Cora will be showing a slideshow of life memories for Pacita and Sam.
     Cora also said that she will write her 8th book on the Fairfax County Filipino Americans
     and the Founding of BWSSCWoW since Pacita and other Filipino Americans
     supported her in 2007 when she began working on the problem stated by the County
     as "no money and no staff" for a senior center in Springfield District, the only district
     without a senior center -- that resulted in the much-awarded BWSSCWoW.

     Pacita Aguas (2011) was the first Outstanding Senior of BWSSCWoW, 
     followed by Larry and Mary Mark (2012), Bob DeVito (2013), 
     Sam and Shirley DiBartolo (2014), and Eppie Dela Cuesta (2015).
     For 2016, Elaine Nixon will be Outstanding Senior of the Year.
     Cora Foley will get her Outstanding Senior Certificate along with Elaine in May 2016.
     BWSSCWoW pays for the luncheon of the Outstanding Senior and spouse.

5.  April 30, 2016 (10AM) at Bonnie Brae ES - First Full Performance of
     BWSSCWoW Seniors Giving Back to Community: International Folk Dance
     with students and parents participating in the project (see item 3).
     Ned posted on BWSSCWoW Facebook page the information for April 30.

6.  BWSSCWoW Seniors Giving Back to Community: International Folk Dance
     is off to a very successful start with the following schedule:
     Thursday, April 7 (1PM) at the Board of Supervisors Budget Hearing
     Saturday, April 30 (10AM) at Bonnie Brae ES Inside Out Program
     Tuesday, May 3 (12:30PM) at Pimmit Hills Senior Center
     Wednesday, May 4 (12:30PM) at South County Senior Center
     Thursday, June 16 (2:30PM) at Memory Clinic, Andrews Chapel UMC, Vienna
     Ned Barnes said he is working on getting Fastran buses for May 3, 4 and June 16.

     "Sharing Songs" community service for nursing homes, schools, community events
     is also being developed with Maria DeLobe, Marion Essig, Phyllis Hyrcza, Dan Telfer.

7.   May is Creative Aging Festival and Pinn Center is sponsoring a local history conversation
      "Remarkable History of Zion Drive" by Cora Foley 
      on Thursday, May 26, 2016 (12PM - 2PM) at Pinn Center
      that will be a repeat performance of her presentation on April 18, 2016
      at the Shepherd's Center Fairfax/Burke Adventures in Learning Program.

      Cora noted the importance of the monthly coffee meeting of the
      BWSSCWoW Coffer Historical Exploration Society (CHES)
      that preserves local history through conversations with Burke Living History,
      primarily 93-year old Bill Sheads and 86-year old Glenn Curtis,
      whose continuous family histories in Burke go back to the 1820s.

8.   Cora noted that the Greater Little Zion Baptist Church is celebrating
      125 Years of continuous Burke history since 1891
      and she is working on a library presentation of that 125-year history
      that she wrote on her book "Little Zion Baptist Church and the Case of Loving."

9.  Milton asked about the petition for Senior Fitness Room Addition to Pohick Library:
     Cora Foley explained that the petition with 1,000 signatures was presented to Herrity
     on November 13, 2014 when he implied that the signatures were not of Springfield voters.
     Cora decided to get 1,000 votes in the November election by running for Supervisor
     because the Democratic party feared being "sacrificial lamb" since Herrity had half-a-million dollars.
     She noted that her husband was not happy with her saying:"you walked away from a job that
     paid much more than the Supervisor's salary and now you're doing this - what are you doing?,"
     followed by "You better not get elected for you will ruin my retirement along with yours."
     Cora campaigned only around the Pohick Library area and the result was a remarkable success
     (strong voter support for her one-issue campaign to support Springfield seniors without getting elected)
     garnering 19% of Springfield votes (4,228) with her running with no money, no party, nor
     the name recognition that Herrity has been exploiting for years.  With the 19% vote, Sharon Bulova
     supported the petition during the November 21, 2015 demonstration and suggested that 
     the seniors continue demonstrating, particularly with a testimony at April 7, 2016 BoS hearing.

      On April 7, 2016 (1PM), Cora Foley will make 5-minute presentation to Board of Supervisors
      in support of our petition that would include a 2-minute 
      "International Folk Dance: BWSSCWoW Seniors Giving Back to Community."    

     On January 13, 2016, Herrity publicly stated his support to "accelerate" the Springfield Senior Center
     plan that was put on the books because of Cora Foley's community activism.  Herrity's promise 
     is an empty promise for the plan is on the books but does not have any funds committed to it.
     Meanwhile, Lee District is working on getting a new Kingstowne Library with a Senior Center annex.
     So, if BWSSCWoW does not push hard, there will be more senior centers in other districts
     but NOT in Springfield District, the only district without a senior center.
     There are 14 full-fledged senior centers + 3 centers with senior programs = 17 in other districts.

     Cora noted that we have lost access to several churches, including Accotink Unitarian,
     Prince of Peace Lutheran, and Virginia Korean Baptist -- mainly because the County does not pay
     a penny for facility cost for which some churches charge $50 an hour.
     Milton expressed some surprise that the County does not pay for facility cost.
     Cora added that senior participants have to dig into their own pockets to make donations
     to churches for air-conditioning and other facility expenses.

10.   Larry and Mary Mark discussed the challenge of making meaningful programming
        that the Fairfax County Friends of the Senior Centers has yet to resolve.

11.   Larry Mark wrote the Recognition Certificate for Elaine Nixon as the 2016 Outstanding Senior of the Year
      for BWSSCWoW.   Cora Foley will collect her own Recognition Certificate along with Elaine.
      The BWSSCWoW Funds will pay for the luncheon fees for Elaine and Cora in May 2016.

12.   Milton discussed his conversations with the youth about the unexpected twists and turns in life
      and how the youth should be educated about that issue.  After the meeting, Cora and Milton
      chatted a bit about maybe having a genealogical conversation hosted by BWSSCWoW.
      Milton also spoke about GWU having the most advanced and successful e-classes program.
      Fletcher Phillips is studying at GWU while working at Pinn Center youth programs.

13.  Cora Foley reported that the April 21 Bus Trip to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum
       has been canceled to facilitate the request for Fastran Bus on May 3 and May 4
       for the "BWSSCWoW Seniors Giving Back to Community: International Folk Dance."
       Ned said that each center is allowed one Fastran bus trip every month and by canceling
       the April bus trip, the Pinn Center could strengthen request for May 3 and 4.  

160223Meeting for February 23, 2016 (10AM at Pinn Center): 
Meeting Minutes (2/23/2016)
(Attendees: Cora Foley, Larry and Mary Mark, Sam and Shirley DiBartolo, Ned Barnes.  
                  Milton Elder absent).
1.  Next Meeting will be on Third Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 1:30PM at Pinn Center.  
2.  Next Registration will be at 10AM at Kings Park Meeting Room
     and on Monday, April 25, 2016 since Tuesday was booked by another group.
3.  Financial Balance as of 2/23/2016 - $916.64 
4.  Ned will reserve Irving MS (2PM - 4PM) in April to practice for performances of
     "International Folk Dance: Seniors Giving Back to Community."
5.  Elaine Nixon will be 2016 Outstanding Senior (and Cora Foley will get certificate)
     Larry Mark will do write-up for Elaine and Cora will do same for herself.
6.  For March 17, 2016, 80th birthday for Sam DiBartolo 
       and 90th birthday for Pacita Aguas.  Sam brought photos for slideshow.
7.  April 30, 2016 Inside Out Program for Bonnie Brae ES - could use BWSSCWoW bank account
     with maximum amount of $1,600.  Cora Foley will donate $200 by March 15.
     Ned will check if International Folk Dancers could perform during ceremony.
8.  Ned will ask Janet Ramos to donate $100 for BWSSCWoW postcard fundraising.
9.  Thursday, May 26, 2016 (12PM - 2PM) Creative Aging Festival & Memorial Day Program
         at Pinn Center with "Remarkable History of Zion Drive."

Agenda/2016 Schedule
1.  Review of BWSSCWoW Registration on Friday, January 29, 2016 at Kings Park Library Meeting Room.     
2.  February 9, 2016 Black History Month Coffee/Poetry Reading at Pinn Center with CHES
      (bad driving conditions forced us to reschedule program to March 17, 2016)
3.  February 20, 2016 Farewell to Angie Noronha at Irving MS with cakes and photos:
4.   March 17, 2016 (12PM - 2PM) St. Patrick's Day Lunch and Happy 90th Birthday Pacita Aguas
      and Happy 80th Birthday (3/2) Sam DiBartolo (with slideshow of their photos)
      (will include poetry reading and slideshow on Remarkable History of Zion Drive)
5.  April 7, 2016 BWSSCWoW presentation at public hearing on the budget by BoS
      that will include 3-minute remarks by Cora Foley and 2-minute folk dance by BWSSCWoW seniors
      that Sharon Bulova supported (Sharon emailed me that she is looking forward to the 4/7 presentation).
6.  April 16, 2016 NCS Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast - Nomination of Hawaiian Stars
       with Free Community Performance of International Folk Dance: Seniors Giving Back to Community
       Repertoire being developed: Tiklos (Philippines); Misirlou (Greece); Mayim Mayim (Israel).
7.  April 16, 2016 Living Well and Aging Well Summit (9AM -3PM) at Fairfax County Government Center
       I emailed Patricia Rohrer that BWSSCWoW could volunteer free International Folk Dances, if they wish.
8.  April 18, 2016 Presentation of "Remarkable History of Zion Drive" to Shepherd's Center by Cora Foley.
9.  April 21, 2016 Bus Trip to Natural History Museum - check out Hope Diamond and Dinosaurs
           (Note:  Bus Trip rescheduled to get Fastran for May 3 and May 4 Performances #12)
10.  April 26, 2016 Registration for Spring Session (May - June 2016) 
        (reservation Monday 4/25 - Kings Park Meeting Room reserved by another group for 4/26)
11.   May 6 (?) 2016 Outstanding Senior Recognition Lunch by Fairfax County Senior Citizens Council
      Elaine Nixon - 2016 BWSSCWoW Outstanding Senior (note by Cora Foley)
12. May Creative Aging Festival and Free community performances by
      BWSSCWoW International Folk Dancers: Seniors Giving Back to Community
      As of 2/18/2016 - invites from Pimmit Hills, South County, Great Falls Senior Centers. 
       We requested May 3 and May 4 for Pimmit Hills and South County.
       Could we reserve Irving MS through April 2016 from 2-4PM?  (Folk Dance Class from Feb-June).
13.  July 21, 2016 - Bus Trip to National Art Gallery (less crowded with students)
14.  July 26, 2016 - Registration for Summer Session (August - September)
15.  September 10 and 11, 2016 - Burke Centre Festival
       (offered International Folk Dance and Hawaiian Hula on Sunday, September 11, 2016)
       Jeannie emailed me that two programs are on schedule: International Folk Dance & Hawaiian Hula
       but the time has not yet been decided -- I asked for afternoon after seniors attended Mass.
16.   September 22, 2016 - Happy 80th Birthday Lunch for Shirley DiBartolo and 93 for Bill Sheads.              
17.   (?) September - another possibility on Sheads Court iho 93rd birthday of Bill Sheads. 
       In 2014, Cora Foley requested from the developer that the new road be named
       in honor of Sheads family -- Bill's father was Supervisor; Bill is WWII Veteran/Burke Living History
       Request succeeded and Sheads Court opened in late 2015 off Spring Lake Drive.          
18.  October 4. 2016 - Registration for Fall Season (October - December)
19.  December 10, 2016 - Holiday Potluck Party at Irving MS    
20.  Treasurer's Report - SCWoW Website registration - with Sam DiBartolo
21.   Friends of Fairfax County Senior Center Meeting (2/22/2016) with Larry Mark
        (Project Support Grant from Arts Council deferred till 2017; tight 2016 deadline - 2/17/2016)
22.   Inside Out Program of Bonnie Brae ES (Ned Barnes)
        (query about possible performance by International Folk Dance: Seniors Giving Back to Community).


150915Meeting for September 15, 2015 (10AM at Pinn Center):
Meeting Attendees: Cora Foley, Milton Elder, Sam and Shirley DiBartolo, Ned Barnes.  Larry Mark - excused absence due to medical appointment:

Minutes of September 15, 2015 SCWoW Council Meeting:
1.  Happy Birthday Shirley (79)!  Cora brought a chocolate cake to celebrate Shirley DiBartolo's birthday and we sang happy birthday, Shirley blew the candle -- and next year, when Sam and Shirley turn 80, we will have a special 80+ birthday party for both of them with photos and stories of their life of great community contributions.
2.   Welcome to Molly Green, the new Deputy Director of Pinn Center.
3.  Fall Registration on Tuesday, October 6, 2015  - No Advisory Council Meeting in October.
Cora Foley suggested that a photo of the BWSSCWoW Champion teams be in the postcard and she will resend the photograph to Ned Barnes.
4.   September 17, 2015 (12 Noon - 2PM) 80+ Birthday Party for Ruth Wong and Marion Essig with slideshow of their lives plus videos of the September 13, 2015 Burke Centre Festival performances of BWSSCWoW teams.
Ned Barnes will not be present but Mollie and Josie will be there.  Cora Foley will arrive at about 11AM to set up.
Cora Foley noted that the Senior Center Without Walls is the only senior center that takes the time for meaningful celebration honoring celebrants with slideshows of their lives and asking them to share their life stories.  The previous celebrants have all been pleased to share their stories and sent thanks to Cora for the celebration.
5.   Chorale Group -- Cora reported that Donna Jean has not responded yet.  She is considering using a karaoke setup with just the volunteers and no musical director.  Somebody volunteered to do guitar accompaniment.
6.    International Folk Dancers Project is off to great start with the performance at 9/13 Burke Centre Festival that has been posted on youtube:
Since June, the core volunteers have been practicing at the basement of Cora Foley's house.  Ned Barnes said that Pinn Center could be available from 2-3:15PM weekdays for practice by international folk dancers.
7.   Annual Holiday Party will be held on December 12, 2015 (11AM - 1PM) Irving Middle School.  It will be the last Saturday line dancing class for 2015 and will be a good time for Ned Barnes to give out a recognition certificate to all volunteers, including the BWSSCWoW Advisory Council members and class monitors.  Cora Foley suggested that the certificate be signed by Ned Barnes and copies given to all awardees.
8.  Sam DiBartolo reported that the balance in the BWSSCWoW bank account as of 9/15 - $931.59.
9.  Cora Foley reported that she got a road named after a member of the CHES program of BWSSCWoW, Bill Sheads (92) who is a WWII Veteran and Lord Fairfax.   The "Sheads Court" road is being built:
10.  Next BWSSCWoW Advisory Council meeting will be on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 (10AM) at Pinn Center.

150616 Meeting for June 16, 2015 (10AM at Pinn Center): 
Meeting Attendees: Cora Foley, Larry Mark, Milton Elder, Sam DiBartolo, Ned Barnes. Shirley DiBartolo absent.

Minutes of June 16, 2015 SCWOW Council Meeting
1. July 28th new registration period for Summer Session at Kings Park Library. 
2. Seoul Presbyterian Church can’t host zumba class in August.     
3. Sovereign Grace Church to take over August Zumba -- not yet confirmed as of June 16.      
4. Question Cora re: getting a square dancing class. Ned Barnes to look into a class.
5. Fridays Cora has been hosting an ethnic Filipino dance class in her home. (not an advertised class).
This was the idea of Mrs Takafuji concerned to maintain the Filipino culture.
6. July Council meeting will not be held due to registration.
7. July 20th and July 27th Ned to be off/ out of the area.
8. Attendees for Suzie’s classes can not pay at the front door but must fully process with all others.
9. Bus trip to American Indian Museum, July 23rd.
10. Post cards for registration sent out to donor Alice Gehl on June 15 by Ned. 
11. $100 donors sought for postcards.  For Summer Session, AARP will be featured.
12.  Larry Mark reported on meetings with the Friends of the Fairfax County Senior Centers and submitted for the record the FoFCSC minutes and financial reports. 
13.  Sam DiBartolo reported on the financial status of BWSSCWoW with $931.59 balance.
14. Cora mentioned that all attendees are welcome to Fairfax County Senior Citizen Council (FCSCC) meetings.  Sam DiBartolo reported on FCSCC programs: Fall Breakfast, Christmas Lunch, May Luncheon.
15.  Larry Mark nominated Elaine Nixon for 2016 Outstanding Senior of the Year Awardee of BWSSCWoW to be recognized at the FCSCC luncheon in May that has been held at Waterford Springfield in 2014 and 2015.
16. Milton Elder reported that Jerry Cantor is a member of a choir that recently performed at a church. Discussion ensued regarding Jerry Cantor’s choir concert, not advertised, Comments  were also received regards member interest in singing and establishing a choir.
14. While Ned is pursuing the square dancing class, he feels a survey of member interest will better support the effort to find and fund an instructor.  Such a survey could be added to the Summer Season registration form.
15. Submitted by Milton Elder, Recording Board Secretary

150519  Agenda for May 19, 2015 meeting (10AM at Pinn Center):
Meeting attendees: Cora Foley, Sam and Shirley DiBartolo, Ned Barnes, Sarah Tinsley.  Larry Mark and Eppie Dela Cuesta excused absences.
1.  Election for BWSSCWoW Advisory Board May 2015-2017.
The BWSSCWoW Advisory Board for May 2015-2017:  Chairman - Corazon Foley; Vice-Chairman Larry Mark; Secretary Milton Elder; Treasurer Sam DiBartolo; Community Outreach - Shirley DiBartolo
Sam and Shirley will work on corporate sponsorship for BWSSCWoW
and Ned Barnes will look for other donors for free locations for BWSSCWoW programs.
2.  May 21, 2015 Free Lunch/Creative Aging Festival Honoring First Firefighters of Burke, VA
Cora Foley brought the Burke Connection reporting the May 21 Creative Aging Festival at Pinn Center:
3.  Scrapbooking Project - $71.88 check to Janet Ramos
Sam delivered the check to Ned Barnes.
4.  BWSSCWoW Spring Postcard - 100 postcards to donor Alice Gehl
Ned Barnes has prepared the postcards for delivery.
5.  Thursday, July 23, 2015 Trip#4 to National Museum of the American Indian (20 passenger-bus)
Ned confirmed the trip with 20-passenger bus.
6.  September 12 and 13 Burke Centre Festival -- Line Dance Performance/Table for Pinn Center/BWSSCWoW
Ned said that table would be problematic for Pinn Center because of staff issues.
Cora confirmed September 13, 2015 (1:30PM) performance by BWSSCWoW Line Dancers.
7.  Thursday, October 29, 2015 - 90th birthday for Pacita Aguas and 80th birthday for Ruth Wong
8.   Saturday, December 12, 2015 - Annual Christmas/Holiday Party for BWSSCWoW at Irving MS
                     Certificates/Recognition for Volunteers for BWSSCWoW
9.   For 2016 -- Nomination of Outstanding Volunteers for April 2016 NCS Breakfast/Recognition
                      Hawaiian Stars, Class Monitors and others
10.  For 2016 - Elaine Nixon - Outstanding Senior for FCSCC May 2016 Recognition Luncheon
                       Larry Mark will write up her nomination for helping teach tai-chi for free.
11.  For 2016 -  If petition for permanent facility were to fail, 
                        Need to systematize donations to private facility donors for BWSSCWoW.  
                        Perhaps new registration system - $5 for instructors to NCS; $5 for facilities to BWSSCWoW
       Issue to be discussed later.  Meanwhile, Sam will seek corporate sponsors and Ned, more free facilities.
12.  Sam reported on the Fairfax County Senior Citizen (FCSCC) May 8 luncheon and request for refund.  Cora Foley agreed with Sam that the policy was NO refund after a certain date -- and sent email to FCSCC delegates.
13.  Ned reported that Sarah Tinsley has been promoted and will be leaving Pinn Center on Wednesday, May 27, 2015.   The BWSSCWoW congratulated Sarah and thanked her for outstanding support of BWSSCWoW.

150428Meeting of BWSSCWoW Advisory Council:  Participants include Cora Foley and Ned Barnes.  Meeting took place after the Spring Registration at the Meeting Room of Kings Park Library.
Ned and I met after the registration today and came up with the following decisions:
1. What do you guys think of a bus trip to Museum of the American Indian on Thursday, July 23, 2015.
2. I suggested nominating our volunteers for the Annual NCS Volunteer Recognition Breakfast in April 2016.  The Breakfast this year was on Saturday, April 25, 2015 at the Waterford Fair Oaks and it was very nice.  We can nominate the Hawaiian Stars, Elaine Nixon, Saskia and the Registration Volunteers.   I will bring a copy of the program for the April 25th NCS Volunteer Recognition Breakfast.
3.  Ned suggested that BWSSCWoW hold its own Volunteer Recognition and I suggested doing it at our annual Christmas Party in Irving in December 2015.   NED AGREED THAT WE WILL HAVE OUR OWN VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION AT OUR DECEMBER 12, 2015 PARTY AT IRVING MIDDLE SCHOOL.  ELECTIONS WILL BE OVER AND WE CAN INVITE BULOVA, COOK, HERRITY TO EVENT.
4.  Our Meeting on May 19, 2015 will include the election -- only Milton Elder has volunteered to serve as Secretary.   I collected signatures for the quorum so we can have our meeting according to the bylaws.   NEXT MEETING WILL BE ON MAY 19, 2015 AND WE HAVE A QUORUM TO HOLD ELECTIONS, PER BYLAWS.

Ned and I agreed that BWSSCWoW should have a Scrapbook project and I emailed Sam DiBartolo to send a check for $71.88 to Janet Ramos, 10420 Stallworth Court, Fairfax, VA 22032 for the supplies for the BWSSCWoW Scrapbook.  Ned will ask Gerry to start the BWSSCWoW Scrapbook.  The Scrapbook project is FREE and the senior participants could work on the scrapbook on a flexible timetable.  Rebecca Boone of Wakefield Senior Center joined our meeting discussion at the Kings Park Library.

150317Meeting of BWSSCWoW Advisory Council:  Participants include Cora Foley, Larry Mark, Sam DiBartolo, Ned Barnes.  Eppie Dela Cuesta , Shirley DiBartolo, and Sarah Tinsley were excused for medical and office issues.
1.  Spring Season Registration will be held on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 from 8:30AM - 11:00AM at Kings Park Library.
2.  There will be a 4th Yoga class planned to be offered on Thursdays -- more details to be announced later.
3.   Square Dancing will be explored with Butch Adams by Ned.  Since there is no money to pay for a caller, Ned will explore the possibility of a class offered for free with a basket for donations by participants.  He will also inquire about having the class start sometime between 9:30AM to 2PM so that there would be no problem with the cleaning crew at Burke Conservancy.
4.   There will be a trip on Thursday, April 23, 2015 to the US Botanic Garden on FASTRAN with a maximum of 14 participants.  Six reservations have been made with Mike and Cora Foley, Larry and Mary Mark and Sam and Shirley DiBartolo.  The group will meet at the Pinn Center at 10:15AM; the bus will leave at 10:30AM, arrive at US Botanic Garden at 11AM.  Participants will be able to enjoy the facility from 11AM - 1PM with a bag lunch for there is no cafeteria in the facility.   Participants are supposed to be back on the bus by 1PM so that the bus could return to Pinn Center by 2PM.
5.  The March 12 Birthday (80+) lunch was very successful with an extra table added to accommodate participants.  Cora Foley suggested that late March should be our annual birthday (80+) celebration.  For March 2016, Sam DiBartolo (80) and Pacita Aguas (90) will be celebrating birthdays together.  The other major party is the annual Christmas party at Irving MS.  Ned inquired about another big party but Cora noted that she and her sisters-in-law have been the ones cleaning up the tables at the end of the big parties at Irving MS -- so it is best to just have one big party in December at Irving MS.   Ned suggested buying some plastic tablecloths to ease the clean-up after the big party at Irving MS.  Cora Foley also suggested that there be another trip to the Smithsonian Festival (2015 will be on Peru) and we could take the trip on Thursday, June 25, 2015 or July 2, 2015.
6.   Outstanding Senior of the Year for 2015 is Eppie Dela Cuesta who will be retiring from the Advisory Council this year.  Cora Foley will accompany Eppie to the event.  BWSSCWoW will fund two lunches at $28 for Eppie and Cora for a total of $56.  The Fairfax County Senior Citizens Council (FCSCC) will host the Outstanding Seniors Lunch on Friday, May 8, 2015 from 11:30AM - 2PM at The Waterford at Springfield - 6715 Commerce Street, Springfield, Virginia.   For 2016, Larry Mark nominated Elaine Nixon who has been assisting the instructor in teaching tai-chi without pay.   Ned Barnes noted that Saskia Orizondo should be considered later.
7.  The election for the BWSSCWoW Advisory Council will be held during the Third Tuesday Meeting (May 19, 2015).  Cora Foley will be gathering proxies for the election.  Milton Elder has expressed interest in serving as Secretary.  Cora Foley, Larry Mark, Sam and Shirley DiBartolo have agreed to continue serving on the Advisory Council -- particularly since this is an important period to push hard for a permanent facility for the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls.
8.  Sam DiBartolo reported that AARP donated $250 to BWSSCWoW so our total account is now $1,074.42.  We spent $14.95 for the renewal of our website.  Anticipated expense is the $56 for the Outstanding Senior Lunch for Eppie and Cora.
9.  BWSSCWoW Postcards for the Spring Season will be sent out by Ned and will feature the choice by Alice Gehl who had donated $100 earlier.  Ned will arrange to provide her with 100 extra postcards.  (After the meeting, Cora sent Alice Gehl a note asking for confirmation of the information that she would like to have for the April 2015 postcard). As for AARP, our Summer Postcard will feature AARP to recognize the $250 contribution.
10.  Cora Foley reported that the petition for a permanent facility for BWSSCWoW will be on the ballot in November; she will run as an Independent candidate for Springfield Supervisor with NO fundraising in order to ensure that the issue will be part of all the debates.  If she is elected, she plans to slash the half-million dollars administrative budget for Springfield Supervisor -- and the savings will be used to build the annex to the Pohick Library to serve the health programs for seniors in our area.
11.  For April, the April 28 registration will take the place of the monthly meeting.   The next monthly meeting of the BWSSCWoW Advisory Council will be held on Third Tuesday, May 19, 2015.

141125Meeting of BWSSCWoW Advisory Council:  Participants include Cora Foley, Larry Mark, Ned Barnes.  Eppie Dela Cuesta had a medical appointment and sent her proxy so we had a quorum.   Sam and Shirley DiBartolo and Sarah Tinsley were excused for medical and office issues.
1.   Winter 2015 Class Registration will be held on Tuesday, January 27, 2015 at Braddock Hall and Classes start the first week of February 2015.   Ned Barnes will be working on Square Dancing and More Yoga Classes for Spring 2015 session.

2.   December 13, 2014 (10AM - 1PM) Potluck Holiday Party at Irving MS will include Filipino, Korean and Japanese delicacies, along with sandwiches and Larry Mark's famous hot and sour soup.  We begin at 10AM with the regular line dance class that will be followed by food and performances at 11AM.  We hope that Faye Olympia Barnes can join us in our festivities.

3.   Channel 10 TV Show on Fairfax Stories will be reinvigorated by Cora Foley starting in early 2015 with the first show titled "The Petition" on the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls (BWSSCWoW).
Larry Mark very kindly agreed to a video interview on BWSSCWoW that Cora Foley will include in her Channel 10 TV Show that will also be shared through YouTube.  Photos of Larry, Ned and Cora were taken for the TV Show as well.
or through my other channel on local history and current issues, including Neighborhood Watch:

4.   CHES will take a break in December and January and will reconvene in Black History Month on Valentine's Day 2015.  The book "In Honor of Good Neighbors" will be expanded to include the stories of Larry and Mary Mark, as well as Sam and Shirley DiBartolo in the chapter on BWSSCWoW.   Cora Foley also asked Ned Barnes for a family picture for the book.

5.  Next Meeting of BWSSCWoW Advisory Council will be on Third Tuesday January 20, 2015.

141116Email to Springfield Supervisor Pat Herrity:
Good Morning Pat Herrity and Mike Thompson.
You might also want to consider the possibility of making the annex to Pohick Library that I proposed as a basketball court that could be used by the youth when seniors are not using the facility.  As I noted at the meeting, seniors would be using the facility from 10AM - 2PM on weekdays when it would not be in use for the youth are in school and younger adults would be at work.

The library would have a door to the annex so it would provide additional space for other library use as well.  Such an arrangement would make my proposed annex to the Pohick Library a multipurpose, multi-generational fitness center.  So we would meet the Fairfax County goal of most efficient use of our community resources.
"Maximize the use of existing public facilities, including public schools, for community recreation purposes"

And as I mentioned at the meeting, we plan to continue the arrangement that we have developed with the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls (BWSSCWoW) with seniors volunteering their time to monitor the classes -- thereby obviating the need for more county staff.  The Fairfax County review of the BWSSCWoW programs revealed that Fairfax County was posting a positive net reward from the program (with opportunity costs/revenues from free labor and other resources).

141113Meeting with Springfield Supervisor Pat Herrity at Govt Center:

1.   Update on Petition - as of Thursday, November 13, 2014.    

On Thursday 11/13, we had a productive meeting with Supervisor Herrity who was amenable to our petition:

--   Proposal to Build Annex to Pohick Library for a facility in which 100 or so seniors could do 

     fitness programs (zumba, line dancing,...)

     Supervisor Herrity said that he will review that proposal for its feasibility and cost.   Stay Tuned for that review.

--   Proposal for MOU with Pohick Library so that BWSSCWoW will have priority in the use of the new conference room.

     The new conference room will be built with proper and safe flooring for fitness programs, not carpeting.

     (Pohick Library will be renovated starting in the Summer of 2015 so that by 2016, 

     the MOU will solve key space problems for BWSSCWoW fitness programs).

     Evan Braff will take the lead in negotiating the MOU and will report back to Supervisor Herrity and BWSSCWoW.

--  Proposal that safe, proper flooring be installed in the Springfield Community Room for BWSSCWoW fitness programs.

     Supervisor Herrity appeared amenable to this proposal and his staff will report back to us.

Meeting Participants:  Supervisor Pat Herrity, Chris Leonard, Evan Braff, Marlae Schnare, John Nolan, Mike Thompson, Jr.;BWSSCWoW Participants: Corazon Foley, 89-year old Pacita Aguas (a leader in Burke Gardens Senior Apartments who was interviewed by press after the meeting), Angela Noronha, Janet Gunther, Victoria Sandoval, Melanie Willis, Yuen Sterling.   Press Participant - Tim Peterson of Connection Newspapers

Overall Assessment:  The meeting was very productive and Supervisor Herrity was receptive to our proposals.  

Stay Tuned for More Updates.

Many Thanks to Supervisor Herrity, Chris Leonard, Evan Braff for kindly meeting with us in response to our petition.

BTW the petition is now over for we have achieved our goals.  

Many Thanks to the 1,000+ supporters of health programs for seniors in our area.

Chris Leonard did provide update on senior center building plans.

The priority list includes: New Sites for Sully and Lorton Senior Centers.  

(My personal opinion is that the Lorton Arts Workhouse Events Center would be a good place for the new Lorton Senior Center, during daytime periods when event centers tend not to be used and those times usually work well for seniors).

Hunter Mill and Springfield Senior Centers are listed but the possibility of funding is much less than that of Sully and Lorton.

So, it is good that BWSSCWoW has proceeded actively in arranging for space in the Pohick Library so that we could preserve BWSSCWoW fitness programs while we wait for a long time.   Please note how important BWSCCWoW has been for seniors in our area since I started it in 2007.

141027Meeting of BWSSCWoW Advisory Council:  Participants include Cora Foley, Larry Mark, Ned Barnes, Sarah Tinsley.  Eppie Dela Cuesta was excused for visiting relatives (she gave her proxy so we had a quorum); Sam and Shirley DiBartolo were excused for medical reasons.
1.   Cora Foley gave update on the petition for the "Foley-Herrity Adult Fitness Station" to implement the Fairfax County 50+ Community Action Plan.   Signatures now exceed 900 and have been posted on the website.

2.   Ned Barnes reported on the registration -- dates for 2015 registration have been confirmed for Braddock Hall.   He confirmed the Veterans' Day Lunch on Thursday, November 13, 2014 (12Noon - 2PM) at the Pinn Center during which Cora Foley will present a slide show on her book "The World War II Diary of Daniel Foley, Jr. of Vallejo, California."

3.   Cora Foley reported on the problem with PNC Bank imposing fees on the BWSSCWoW account.  Since only the $200 contribution came from donors (Cathy Byon and Alice Gehl) other than Cora Foley, she suggested that the $200 be deposited to the nonprofit account with the Friends of the Fairfax County Senior Centers and the remainder could be held in a separate account in her bank for future use of BWSSCWoW as she intended with her donations.

4.   Larry Mark raised the issue of compensation for Elaine Nixon who has been substituting for Tai-Chi.  Ned Barnes has an arrangement for paying substitutes that could be used in her case and that of Cathy Byon -- and could be reviewed with regard to Elaine Nixon and the issue of Tai-Chi qualifications.

5.  May 2015 Elections.  Cora, Larry and Eppie will run for reelection with the goal of establishing the "Foley-Herrity Adult Fitness Center" in Springfield District.  Since Sam and Shirley DiBartolo will not run for re-election, Cora suggested Margaret Penn who worked for Navy Credit Union as Treasurer and Angela Noronha as Community Liaison Officer.


140916Meeting of BWSSCWoW Advisory Council:  Participants include Cora Foley, Larry Mark, Sam and Shirley DiBartolo,
Ned Barnes.  Eppie dela Cuesta excused for visit with relatives.  Sarah Tinsley was also excused.
1.  Registration on Tuesday, October 14, 2014 at Kings Park Library (8:30AM - 11AM) then at Pinn Center.
2.  Same registration schedule will be followed: January 27, 2015; April 28, 2015; July 28, 2015; October 6, 2015.
3.  Pinn Center is closed on Columbus Day weekend holiday.  Next CHES meeting on Second Saturday, Nov. 8, 2014.
4.  Thursday, September 25, 2014: Birthday for Shirley DiBartolo and Singing for Mary Mark; Celebration for the GOLD and SILVER Medals of the BWSSCWoW Teams:  Hawaiian Stars and Happy Dancers.
5.  Fairfax County Senior Citizens' Council (FCSCC) Breakfast Meeting with Sam DiBartolo as lead speaker.  Cora Foley will propose inviting the HAPPY DANCERS and request $100 donation to BWSSCWoW from FCSCC for December lunch,
6.  Tuesday, November 13, 2014 Lunch in honor of American WWII Veterans' Association of Fairfax headed  by Bill Sheads.
7.   Saturday, December 13, 2014 Holiday Potluck Party at Irving Middle School.
8.   Trip#4 to Botanical Gardens suggested by Larry Mark -- scheduled for April 23, 2015.
9.  80-year old Birthdays on Thursday, February 26, 2015 for Phyllis Hyrncza, Angela Noronha, Nancy Ulrich.
10.  2015 Outstanding Senior Eppie Dela Cuesta.   For 2016, Elaine Nixon nominated by Larry (subbing for ta-chi with no pay).
11.  Trip#5 to Smithsonian Folklife Festival Focus on Peru - Thursday, June 25, 2015.
12.   May 2015 Elections for Advisory Council:  Cora, Larry, Eppie will run with goal of a permanent Springfield Senior Center.
13.  Sam Di Bartolo reported bank balance at $968.42 + $100 with FoFCSC = $1,068.42 bank balance.

NOTE: Postcard with Cathy Byon to be sent out with contribution of $100.   140427BWSSCWoWPostcardDonation.pdf

140819Meeting of BWSSCWoW Advisory Council: Participants include Cora Foley, Larry Mark, Sam and Shirley DiBartolo, Ned Barnes and Sarah Tinsley.  Eppie Dela Cuesta is excused for medical appointment.
1.    Ned Barnes will be meeting with St. Andrew's Episcopal Church as a possible partner for BWSSCWoW.
He has requested funding from Evan Braff for a fourth yoga class.
He is looking at a possible change in calendar to accommodate Pinn Center's summer registration programs.
(Cora Foley emailed after the meeting a concern about possible problem for the churches in having to incur
additional air-conditioning costs if we have classes in July rather than September with such a calendar change.
Since we are beggars, dependent on the goodwill of the churches, it is best not to burden the churches with too much cost.)

2.   Sam DiBartolo gave the Treasurer's Report.   With the $200 submitted by Cora Foley as donation for the Fall 2014 and Winter 2015 BWSSCWoW Postcards and expenses for Senior Olympics, the bank account currently $768.42 + 200 = $968.42.   Adding in the $100 in the restricted account with the Friends of the Fairfax County Senior Centers, the total for BWSSCWoW equals $1,068.42.  Cora Foley reported on the donation for the Fall 2014 by Cathy Byon and Winter 2015 by Alice Gehl.
Cathy Byon has submitted her photograph while Alice Gehl is considering including American Veterans in her photo.

Sam DiBartolo issued the check (total - $96) for the Northern Virginia Senior Olympics to pay for our LAST subsidy for a competition team for the Northern Virginia Senior Olympics -- the HAPPY DANCERS led by Cathy Byon.   After this year, BWSSCWoW will be like other senior centers that do NOT pay for registration of competitors for Senior Olympics.  Cora Foley mentioned that she paid for the Senior Olympics subsidy as a means of promoting BWSSCWoW and that has worked.

Cora Foley mentioned that she will just donate all the extra expenses that she has incurred over the years for BWSSCWoW parties and that she has been contributing to Abiding Presence Lutheran Church as her thanks to the church for hosting the Thursday Line Dancing Class.  She stressed that the County is not paying the churches but she is making a personal donation.

3.   Cora Foley reported on the 8/18 Meeting of the Friends of the Fairfax County Senior Centers, including her campaign to support seniors with a WWII Memorial Honoring American WWII Veterans.  The Advisory Council voted to support the WWII Veterans with a memorial -- that should be much larger than the WWII Memorial for Comfort Women installed in 2014 on the grounds of Fairfax County Government Center. Seniors who are WWII American Veterans deserve our gratitude for our freedom.

We are planning a birthday party celebrating Italian American Heritage with Sam and Shirley DiBartolo at a time most convenient for them.  The date has been tentatively set for Thursday, September 25, 2014 (12Noon - 2PM) at the Pinn Center.

Cora Foley reported on the success of the CHES (Coffer Historical Exploration Society aka Corazon's HES).  She is writing the  book "More Burke Vignettes, 1728 - 2015" that will honor those Burke residents who did the right thing by the American ideal of equality and good neighborliness among black and white residents.  A highlight of the book will be 91-year old Bill Sheads and his rescue of 9 black children during the 1941 Burke wildfire-- a time of unfair segregation.
Civic Activism by Burke residents will also be featured, including the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls,
as well as TARGET.   Sam DiBartolo mentioned his civic activism on the VRE and Cora Foley asked him to write it up.

NOTE: After the meeting, Cora Foley received an email that John Cook wants to attend the September 13th CHES meeting
during which we plan to sing Happy 91st Birthday to Bill Sheads.   Senator Warner also plans to send a congratulatory letter
to Bill Sheads who was a WWII Veteran who participated in the Normandy Landing 70 years ago.  Cora Foley has been donating drinks and cookies for the CHES meetings and on September 13th, she will donate the birthday cake for Bill Sheads and a candle (but not 91 candles for that could be a fire hazard).


140808Meeting of FCSCC Delegates at Gum Springs Senior Center:
Senior Citizens Council Delegates Meeting Notes, Gum Springs Community Center, Friday, August 8, 2014.  Attendees: Evan Braff, Paul Woods, Cora Foley, Judith Garrett, Sam DiBartolo, Shirley DiBartolo  (Notes drafted by Paul Woods).
A. Discussed SCC event in May at the Springfield Waterford.  Everyone agreed it was an excellent event, good central location, space to move around and would like to have it there next year.
B. The Fall SCC Breakfast will take place at the American Legion on Friday, September 19 at 9:00 a.m.  The cost will remain at $5.00 and all will be required to RSVP and send money in by Friday, September12. Sharon Lynch from the Area on Aging will be the speaker discussing the 50+ plan.  From 9-9:30 a.m. there will be a “Meet and Greet” for individuals to exchange flyers, information and business cards.  Ms. Lynch will engage the members at the tables in scenarios as a way to educate who to call and the actions required when a real life situation occurs.  Also suggest having printed list or a central number for seniors to call for information.
C. In September Mr. DiBartolo and region 4 will be the host and Our Daily Bread will be the CBO to present and receive donations.  Evan will follow up with Our Daily Bread and contact them about their needs. In December, Mr. Martinez and Region 2 will host the holiday and in May Ms. Garrett and Region 1 will host the spring luncheon. At next regional meeting discussed asking how the delegates share the information with their club/organization’s members.  Also discussed the sharing of guest speakers such as Officer JT Frey on the topic of Neighborhood Watch and the National Security presentation.  
D. Agreed in future on recording and distributing notes from meeting androtating regional delegates to chair the meeting. 
E. The delegates received a tour of the Gum Springs Museum by Mr. Ron Chase.

140718Meeting#28:   BWSSCWoW Advisory Council, Friday, July 18, 2014 (10AM-12Noon) at Pinn Center
Participants: Ned Barnes, Cora Foley, Larry Mark, Sam and Shirley DiBartolo.  Sarah Tinsley had a job-related task and Eppie Dela Cuesta was excused for she was in Ohio visiting her son.

1.   Summer Registration Update:   Formal Registration on Tuesday, July 29, 2014 (9AM - 11AM) at Kings Park Library. 
By July 22, registration could be downloaded from website.   Postcards will be mailed on Friday, July 18, 2014.
Included in the class offerings -- Ancestry 101 at Burke Centre Library every 2nd Friday starting August 8, 2014.
Grandparents/Grandchildren Reading Together will start in September.

2.   Thanking Libraries.   Cora Foley noted that three Fairfax County Public Libraries have been very supportive of BWSSCWoW
and that she would be writing a letter to the Board of Supervisors -- to be sent to the newspapers -- thanking Burke Centre Library, Kings Park Library and Pohick Regional Library for their support.   She plans to take photos of the registration and classes in the libraries to include in the letter to the editor that will be sent in September (that will also promote BWSSCWoW).

3.   Walking Club.   Jerry Cantor asked for support in getting permission from Lake Barton Homeowners's Association for the Walking Club to continue their daily exercise around the lake.  Evan Braff sent the letter and we await the result.

4.  Book Club and CHES.  Cora Foley reported on the success of the Book Club and CHES.   The Book Club is reading the Pulitzer Prize Winning book -- "Guns of August" by Barbara Tuchman for July and August to commemorate the centennial of the war.
Cora compiled a set of photos and maps to assist the Book Club on its fascinating conversations livened by food and drinks.

The July 12 Second Saturday Meeting of CHES (Coffer Historical Exploration Society aka Corazon's HES) was very successful with a very lively discussion of the history of the Zion Drive area.   Cora Foley explained that when talking about Burke, it is more accurate to discuss the Burke CDP (Census Designated Place) rather than just the restricted post office zip code of 22015.   The CHES meetings are making great progress in developing the book on "More Burke Vignettes, 1940 - 2015":
The meeting also discussed the history of TARGET and St. Mary's Church led by Carol La Rosa who said she will bring photos and press clippings to the next CHES meeting -- and will talk to the St. Mary's Priest Rev. James Barkett about project on Burke history.

5.   Sam DiBartolo reported that the PNC bank account for BWSSCWoW totals $839.42.  With the addition of the $100 that BWSSCWoW deposited in the earmarked account with the Friends of Fairfax County Senior Center, total balance = $939.42.

6.   Next Meeting:  Third Tuesday -- August 19, 2014 -- 10AM - 12Noon at Pinn Center.

7.    Addendum:   AFTER the meeting, Cora Foley discussed with Mrs. Dolores Dennie of the Seasoned Saints, the Seniors Group of the Greater Little Zion Baptist Church, the possibility of getting a Neighborhood Enhancement Partnership Program.
She emailed Evan Braff and Ned Barnes who responded that Pinn Center could help Seasoned Saints in grant preparation.

140620Addendum to Meeting#27:
1.  Sam emailed me that my $100 donation through the Summer BWSSCWoW postcard
was deposited to our account so correct balance = $839.42.

2.  As for Trip#4 to the Botanical Gardens, we usually plan trips during the break
so the date would be on Thursday, October 9, 2014 -- if it is ok with Ned.

140616Meeting#27 of BWSSCWoW Advisory Council: Tuesday, June 16, 2014 (10AM - 12Noon) at Pinn Center.
We had a quorum with Three Votes Present (Cora, Larry and Proxy from Eppie who had a medical appointment).
Participants:  Cora Foley, Larry Mark, with proxy from Eppie Dela Cuesta.   Eppie had a medical appointment - excused absence.
Also excused were Sam and Shirley DiBartolo (medical).  Ned Barnes and Sarah Tinsley had job-related meeting.

1.   Eppie Dela Cuesta as 2015 Outstanding Senior.    Three votes (Cora, Larry, Eppie's proxy votes) were cast in favor of Eppie Dela Cuesta as BWSSCWoW Outstanding Senior for 2015.   Eppie Dela Cuesta has been an alternate class monitor for line dancing for BWSSCWoW since 2009 and has served as Secretary for the Advisory Council since 2012.   Eppie Dela Cuesta has been an outstanding role model for seniors for at 80+ years old, she competed and won the gold medal in 2012 for the line dancing competition for the Northern Virginia Senior Olympics -- a unique accomplishment for BWSSCWoW 80+ members.   Eppie Dela Cuesta has also been a leader in the Burke Lake Gardens Apartment community where she has served for many years as a hall monitor, organizing events for the seniors.   She has also been very active with her church, The Nativity Catholic Church, where she has been a singer in the church choir for many years.  (NOTE: Cora Foley will escort Eppie ( a widow) to the 2015 Senior Recognition Lunch and BWSSCWoW will pay for Cora Foley's lunch -- as would normally be done for a spouse of the Outstanding Senior.) 

2.   Elaine Nixon nominated for 2016 Outstanding Senior.   Larry Mark noted that Elaine Nixon not only serves as class monitor for the Tai-Chi Class but also serves as a substitute instructor whenever the regular instructor is absent.  Larry Mark understands that Elaine Nixon does not get paid for her services as substitute instructor -- so she should be recognized with the 2016 Outstanding Senior Award.   The 2016 Nomination will be decided at a later meeting of the Advisory Council.

3.  Sam DiBartolo reported that the BWSSCWoW bank account has $739.42 balance.  Adding in the $100 donation by Cora Foley through the Summer Quarterly Postcard Program., the BWSSCWoW bank account would be $839.42 balance.

4.   Senior Olympics.   Cora Foley reported that BWSSCWoW received a signal honor in being invited to perform as part of the September 13, 2014 Opening Ceremony with two dances to salute the American Flag:  "The Stars and Stripes Forever" and "Our Country, Our Flag."   As for the last subsidy in 2014 for a line dance team, there is still uncertainty whether the team will compete.
Larry Mark is considering competing for ping-pong where he had won silver and bronze earlier -- Go Larry!!!

5.  Fairfax County Senior Citizens' Council (FCSCC).   Cora Foley suggested that BWSSCWoW could offer to have a line dance team perform at the FCSCC December Christmas Lunch -- with a charge of $100 for the performance to go to our BWSSCWoW account.  FCSCC paid $300 for a performance in 2013 so a $100 charge would be a good deal.

6.  June 21, 2014 Potluck Party at Irving Middle School (10AM - 1PM).   Larry Mark is planning to bring Potato Salad and Cora Foley "beef empanadas" (Philippine Stuffed Meat Pastry) for the Potluck Lunch.  Ned Barnes earlier committed to obtaining sandwiches and beverages for the party.   We should have a lot of fun with 90-year old former surgeon Bill Lyons doing a solo tap dance and 1-year old Faye Olympia Barnes giving a speech (or maybe a ballerina twirl).   We will also perform the American Flag line dancing for the potluck party is aimed at celebrating the Birthday of America (our July 4th celebration).

7.  Trip#4 Winter 2014 to Botanical Gardens.  Larry suggested that for our Trip#3 a visit to the Botanical Gardens during the winter, either on Thursday, November 6, 2014 or Thursday, November 13, 2014.   We can discuss the date with Ned at next meeting as we review the result of Trip#3 on June 26, 2014 to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

8.  Meeting adjourned at 11AM -- in time for Larry to catch the World Cup at home.
Next Meeting -- Third Tuesday, July 15, 2014 when we discuss the July 29, 2014 Registration for Summer Session.

PS -- Melanie Willis sent me a query regarding the farewell by BWSSCWoW to the Senior Olympics and I sent the following reply:
1.   You are right -- BWSSCWoW will not sponsor line dance teams anymore, no more subsidy of teams after 2014.
       Except for BWSSCWoW, senior centers do not subsidize competitors for the senior olympics.
       I only subsidized the three teams (2 in 2012 and 1 in 2013) in order to promote BWSSCWoW.
       So the subsidy for 2014 would be the last subsidy to promote BWSSCWoW -- after that, we will be like other senior centers.

2.   Cathy's Team is considering competing but will do a different, flashier dance if they do compete.
      In fact, some of them have offered to pay for their registration fees and donate the subsidy back to BWSSCWoW.

3.   The Salute to the Flag Line Dances would be BWSSCWoW gift to the Senior Olympics.
      Isn't it wonderful that BWSSCWoW will be on center stage at the Opening Ceremony!!!

NOTE:  2014 is the last year that BWSSCWoW pays for the registration fees of participants of a line dance team.  After 2014, BWSSCWoW will  be like all other senior centers that do NOT pay for registration fees for participants in the Senior Olympics.
Senior Olympics subsidy (2012, 2013, 2014) was BWSSCWoW promotional program.

140520Meeting#26 of BWSSCWoW Advisory Council: Tuesday, May 20, 2014 (10AM - 12Noon) at Pinn Center
Participants:  Cora Foley, Larry Mark, Sam and Shirley DiBartolo, Ned Barnes.  Eppie Dela Cuesta - excused absence.

1.   Larry Mark reported on the 5/19 meeting of the Friends of the Fairfax County Senior Centers.  There were only 7 centers present so no quorum and no official business transacted.  Speaker discussed liability insurance for officers of 501(c3).  Funds totaled $19,005.75 with $12,673.89 restricted account.   Great Falls Senior Center has largest amount of $5,669 with BWSSCWoW and Wakefield at $100.00.and South County zero.

2.   Larry Mark mentioned the 50+ Plan being developed and Cora Foley reported that BWSSCWoW submitted a suggestion to enhance genealogy/local history that was accepted by committee for submission to Board of Supervisors.

3.   Sam DiBartolo reported on the May 9, 2014 Senior Recognition Luncheon of the Fairfax County Senior Citizens Council (FCSCC) and the funding issue that led to change from Fair Oaks Marriott to Waterford Springfield.  The contract in the future will be below $5,000 so the County could sign the contract with FCSCC Treasurer managing payment for final bill.  Sam reported that the May 9, 2014 luncheon resulted in a small profit with FCSCC balance now totaling over $2,000.

3.  Sam presented Treasurer's Report with beginning balance of $802.41 and expenses of $62.99 ($56 for 2 lunches for Outstanding Seniors Sam and Shirley DiBartolo at FCSCC Senior Recognition Luncheon and $6.99 for set of checks).  Ending balance was $739.42.   Cora Foley submitted check for Summer 2014 Postcard of $100.  Balance would total $839.42.

4.   Sam discussed the Best of Braddock Award Nominations.  Cora suggested nomination of Sarah Tinsley for Most Can-Do Public Employee and The Pinn Center as Organization making a difference in Braddock District.  Ned will do initial draft that Larry will edit.  Larry will make final submission for the two nominations from BWSSCWoW.  

5.   Ned Barnes reported on the good registration result from April 29th and the request for another zumba class that has been complicated by search for free facility.   He suggested recognition for BWSSCWoW Volunteers with lunch funded by Pinn Center.

6.   Ned discussed the partnership in the Genealogy Series with the Burke Centre Library starting in August with speakers and access to the subscription of the library.  Cora discussed C.H.E.S. (Coffer Historical Exploration Society) genealogy conversations in the Pinn Center every Second Saturday from 3PM - 5PM  that would focus on small group conversations on specific family histories similar to the tv show "Genealogy Roadshow."  The second CHES conversation will be held on Saturday, June 14, 2014 (3PM - 5PM) after the Bingo/Fundraiser (1PM-3PM) and it will feature two WWII veterans who landed in Normandy, 98-year old Joe DeSio and 90-year old Bill Sheads.   Cora also reported that she succeeded in getting a developer to agree to name a new street in honor of Bill Sheads:  The new development "Enclave of Burke" will have a street named "Sheads Court"  and we will have a ribbon-cutting ceremony with BWSSCWoW line dancing either late this year or early next year.

7.  Cora Foley nominated Eppie Dela Cuesta for 2014 Outstanding Senior for FCSCC.   Decision will be made later.

140507Note from George Cronin, President, Friends of Fairfax County Senior Centers:
Please follow the new suggestions below for all future requests for funds from FOS:
1. Please be sure that your Advisory Council minutes specifically state that the requested funds will be used only for your  planned event or purchase.
2. The IRS can be quite specific in regulating how FOS funds are distributed and used.  The funds in your restricted account are your funds to be used as you see fit so long as the money is applied to events or purchases that are for the benefit of all of the participants at your Senior Center.  In sending your Advisory  Council minutes to the FOS Finance Committee, you should see to it that the Council Minutes state that the requested funds will be applied to the event or purchase for which the funds were originally requested.
3. Please follow these guidelines starting now and continuing until our Ad Hoc Committee reports what, if any, changes are necessary to our Operating Procedures.
Thanks to you all for your support and assistance to FOS.
 See you at our next meeting on May 19 at the American Legion Hall, Fairfax City.
George Cronin

140411Meeting of Delegates for Fairfax County Senior Citizens' Council.
Present were: Evan Braff, Paul Woods, Jesus Martinez, Judith Garrett, Sam and Shirley DiBartolo, Cora Foley
1.    Region 3/4 can organize regional meetings on a different schedule for regional meetings
       than Regions 1 and 2 that have decided to hold monthly regional meetings.
       The arrangement for Region 3/4 is not to have regional meetings on months
       when there are delegates' meetings and general events (breakfast, brunch, recognition luncheon).
        Paul Woods will survey Region 3/4 members regarding regional/general meetings.

2.    FCSCC will try having business meetings during the September breakfast and December lunch.
       There will be more "getting to know you" attempts at those meetings to improve networking.

3.     Next Delegates' meeting will be on Friday, August 8, 2014 at Gum Springs Senior Center
        starting at 1PM with a visit to Gum Springs Museum hosted by Judith Garrett.

140318Meeting#24 of BWSSCWoW Advisory Council.  Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Meeting from 10AM - 12Noon at Pinn Center.   Participants:  Cora Foley, Larry Mark, Sam DiBartolo, Shirley DiBartolo, Ned Barnes.   Eppie Dela Cuesta and Sarah Tinsley excused absence due to medical and other appointments.
1.   Schedule of Activities from May 2014 to February 2015 Approved:
2.    Genealogy Program with Ancestry.Com to be developed as a Partnership with Burke Centre Library.
3.     BWSSCWoW Postcard Fundraising will be developed by Ned Barnes for the Spring 2014 Mailing.
4.     Ned Barnes will make a Pinn Center Recognition Presentation to Volunteers during
        the June 28, 2014 Potluck Lunch iho of America's Birthday on July 4th.
5.     April 24, 2014 Bus Trip to Dulles Air and Space Museum will be from 10:15AM Meeting at Pinn Center
        and Back by 2PM at Pinn Center.   Bus will accommodate maximum of 16 participants.
6.     Sam DiBartolo reported on the May 9, 2014 Recognition Lunch of the Fairfax County Senior Citizens' Council.
7.     Next Meeting#25 will be on Tuesday, April 29, 2014 Registration for Spring 2014 Season of BWSSCWoW.

140225Meeting#23 of BWSSCWoW Advisory Council. Tuesday, February 25, 2014 Meeting from 10AM - 12Noon at Pinn Center.   Participants:  Cora Foley, Larry Mark, Sam Di Bartolo, Shirley DiBartolo, Ned Barnes, Sarah Tinsley.  Eppie Dela Cuesta excused absence due to medical appointment.
(Note:  Meeting#22 was held as part of the January 29, 2014 Registration for Winter 2014 Season)
1.   Ned Barnes reported that registration went well and raised accounting issue.  Cora Foley suggested that Ned consult with Lorton Senior Center on their approach - and that the classes could be offered for free (county paying for instructors) as a way to address accounting issues.   Cora Foley also suggested that a free one-hour program be offered at the facility inside Burke Lake Gardens and would check on that possibility.   Ned will be discussing with Jewish Community Center possible partnership.   Ned will also check on the Ancestry.Com subscription needed for the Genealogy Program of BWSSCWoW.
2.   Sam DiBartolo reported that the BWSSCWoW bank account balance was $802.41 after paying for $145 for 3-years of web hosting by plus $15 for one year of domain renewal.   Anticipated costs for 2014 would be costs for the Outstanding Senior Recognition Luncheon and the Senior Olympics (one BWSSCWoW Team).
3.   February 27, 2014 lunch all set with Chairman Sharon Bulova and Braddock Supervisor John Cook planning to attend.
4.   After the meeting, Cora Foley sent Ned a photo with caption "BWSSCWoW Honors Seniors" as promo for fundraising using BWSSCWoW postcards.  Seniors could provide donations and have photos with caption "... Supports BWSSCWoW."
5.   Larry Mark attended the February 10 meeting of the Friends of the Fairfax County Senior Centers (FoFCSC) and shared their budget and other meeting documents.   Sam and Shirley DiBartolo discussed the Fairfax County Senior Citizens' Council (FCSCC) and the proposed social media networking with the 50+ Virtual Community with Senior Navigator.

131217Meeting#21 of BWSSCWoW Advisory Council.  Tuesday, December 17, 2013 Meeting from 10AM to 12Noon at Pinn Center.  Participants:  Cora Foley, Larry Mark, Sam DiBartolo, Ned Barnes.  Shirley DiBartolo and Eppie Dela Cuesta excused absences due to fatigue and medical appointment.
1.  Website Improvement.   Larry and Ned are working on improving photo displays in SCWoW website.
2.   Fund Raising Issue.   Evan checked with County Attorney and we could request advertisement with the quarterly mailings of postcard notices -- as long as we make clear that the funds will go to BWSSCWoW account NOT to Fairfax County.  Larry will check the Golden Gazette and Sam will check Burke Conservancy regarding going rates for small ads.
PS -- Evan Braff suggested that we check on selling ads in CWoW website for BWSSCWoW fundraising -- we will follow-up.
3.  Possible New Programs:
--  Writers' Workshop to be led by Ned Barnes with ad hoc meetings starting in Spring 2014 -- if enough folks are interested,
          and could include discussion of affordable self-publishing of books through Amazon.Com.
--  Genealogy Workshop to be led by Mike Foley with ad hoc meetings starting in Spring 2014 -- if enough folks are interested,
         and linked to the availability of Ancestry.Com in Pinn Center.  Sam mentioned that Dolley Madison Library has the
         subscription to Ancestry.Com that is made available to library users.  Ned will check on library arrangements to see
         if the Pinn Center could follow the same procedures.
--  Powerpoint Workshop to be led by Cora Foley with ad hoc meetings starting in Spring 2014-- if enough folks are interested.
4.  Seniors' Lunches at Pinn Center.  Cora Foley will visit the Burke 55ers on Monday, January 6, 2014 to invite members to join the Thursday, January 23, 2014 lunch for Larry Mark and Eppie Dela Cuesta, as well as the Thursday, February 27, 2014 lunch in honor of Ladies of Little Zion Baptist Church/Pearson Colored School Dolores Dennie, Romaine Brown, Thelma Jeffrey, Mary Goins Roots, PLUS Happy Birthday to Sai Sakahara (93) and Jayne Kosciuszko (92)!!!   We plan to honor more seniors in their 80s and 90s in our lunch program series at Pinn Center.
5.   Burke 55ers Officers.   Sam DiBartolo informed us that there is a new set of officers for Burke 55ers:  President Becky Fial (replacing Marlene Watson); Vice President Kim Moden; Secretary Donna Roy; and Treasurer Chris Muniz. 
6. Next Advisory Council Meeting#22 -- Tuesday, January 28, 2014 during Registration at Braddock Hall from 9AM - 11AM.
7.  Cora Foley informed Council that Cathy Byon and she received cash gift that they would accept as donations for the food that Cora and Cathy have been buying for the line dancing classes -- Mandu, Mochi, Empanadas, Turon.

131119Meeting#20 of BWSSCWoW Advisory Council:  Participants: Cora Foley, Larry Mark, Sam DiBartolo, Shirley DiBartolo, Ned Barnes, Sarah Tinsley.  Eppie Dela Cuesta excused absence due to medical appointment/illness.

1.  Financial Status.  Sam DiBartolo reported that BWSSCWoW has $961 in the bank account.  Cora Foley is the single donor to the BWSSCWoW account, with her latest contribution of $220; she has also reimbursed in kind the contribution (cakes) of Mrs. Dennie to the lunch programs at Pinn Center.   The account is used for the Senior Olympics, Senior Recognition Lunch, and other expenses.

2.  Expanding Line Dancing Classes.   Ned Barnes will arrange for a larger room so that the Thursday afternoon classes will be available for at least 60 participants (not 10 or so, currently) in the Burke United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall.

3.   Partnership with Burke Lake Gardens Seniors.   With the expansion of line dancing classes (item#2) in a facility that is walking distance from the subsidized apartments in Burke Lake Gardens for low-income seniors, BWSSCWoW will offer free line dancing for the low-income seniors during Thursdays at both the Abiding Presence and Burke United Methodist churches.  Cora Foley will arrange for announcements at the Burke Lake Gardens to inform low-income seniors of this program by BWSSCWoW, that will be similar to the programs of Fairfax County's South Run Park, Golds' Gym and other facilities in our area that assist the poor.

4.  Friends of the Senior Centers.   Larry Mark announced the new officers:  President George Cronin; Vice President Bob Lundegard, Secretary Joan Watkins, and Treasurer Bill Cowdrey.  Larry will be working with Bob Lundegard in developing the fund-raising brochure and book on the Friends of the Senior Centers.   The brochure was Cora Foley's idea initially for BWSSCWoW -- but that she has passed on to the Friends of the Senior Centers since BWSSCWoW will simply rely on contributions like hers.

5.   Fairfax County Senior Citizens' Council.  Sam and Shirley DiBartolo reported on plans for the Christmas Lunch on Friday, December 13, 2013 at the American Legion with the cost of $15 per person.  Entertainment will be provided by Terry Lee Ryan that will cost $300 -- the same amount that Little River Glen Senior Center pays him when he performs there quite frequently.

6.   Registration for the Winter 2014 Session will be held on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 for classes to start on February 4, 2014.

131122Additional Report on 131121Lunch at Pinn Center:
The November 21, 2013 Birthday lunch in honor of four Korean American Seniors who participate in our line dancing classes (89 years old, 85 years old, 82 years old, 80 years old) was very successful.   We enjoyed turkey/ham sandwiches and delicious Korean dumplings (mandu) that Cathy Byon donated.  It was also a great day to celebrate Thanksgiving (American and Korean) in friendship.

During the lunch, 8 participants signed up to join the BWSSCWoW Line Dancing Team for the Senior Olympics 2014 -- since our funds are limited, we only sponsor ONE line dancing team so we will not sponsor the Hawaiian Stars that we sponsored two years in a row (both times they won GOLD medals).  The goal is not to win medals but to represent the seniors of BWSSCWoW; participants range from 79 years old to 60s.

Next Lunch will be on January 23rd in honor of the birthdays of Larry Mark and Eppie Dela Cuesta.  Thank you Larry for the fascinating family tree stories for the powerpoint of your life -- they are so helpful as I comb through Ancestry.Com for your mother's side of the family.  As for Eppie, I do have photos of her youth in the Philippines and early years in America.  The January 23rd lunch would be a great way to celebrate the New Year Friendship and Birthdays.

Our next party is on Saturday, December 14, 2014 10AM - 1PM at Irving Middle School with the Christmas Potluck Party -- I will bring lots of Philippine food; Cathy, lots of Korean food;  and we should have fun as we have always done for several years.

130905Meeting#19 of BWSSCWoW Advisory Council
The meeting agreed on October 8, 2013 as the Registration for the Fall 2013 Season that will begin the week of October 14, 2013,
as well as the schedule of events in the social calendar of the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls.

For 2014, the Saturday Line Dance will be competing in the Senior Olympics with the music "Made in India."   or

130521Meeting#16 of BWSSCWoW Advisory Council
The BWSSCWoW Advisory Council Meeting was held at the Pinn Center on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 from 10AM - 12Noon
Present: Ned Barnes, Sarah Tinsley, Cora Foley, Larry and Mary Mark, Eppie Dela Cuesta, Sam and Shirley DiBartolo.
Planning for Summer 2013 Season: Registration on July 23, 2013 with Classes to start the week of July 30, 2013.
Larry Reported on May 20 Meeting of the Friends of Fairfax County Senior Centers (FoFCSC); bingo is not a program that the group could sponsor.  BWSSCWoW could offer a free bingo with fundraising based on donations/white elephant table on 9/14.
Advisory Council approved with enthusiasm suggestion by Linda Schlekau of Burke Centre Library for a program of "Grandparents/Grandchildren Reading Together" on a Saturday at the Pinn Center to be led by a librarian starting in Fall 2013.
Mary Mark suggested program on "How to Use Smartphones" for many seniors receive smartphones from their children but are not sure how to use them.  Cora suggested working with Staples. (A 5/24 followup with Mark Powell, Manager of Staples yielded agreement to have a 4-hour session at the Pinn Center with a Staples technical staff.)

BWSSCWoW Advisory Council (Cora, Larry, Eppie, Sam and Shirley) was reelected for a second term: May 2013 - May 2015.
Cora nominated Sam and Shirley DiBartolo for Outstanding Seniors 2014 for BWSSCWoW -- approved unanimously by Council.

130416Meeting#15 of BWSSCWoW Advisory Council.
The BWSSCWoW Advisory Council meeting was held at the Pinn Center
on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 from 10AM - 12Noon.

Present: Ned Barnes, Sarah Tinsley, Cora Foley, Sam and Shirley DiBartolo.

Excused Absences: Larry Mark and Eppie Dela Cuesta

(And we hope that Larry and Eppie will feel better soon -- the allergy season is upon us.)

BWSSCWoW continues to expand its social programs

1. TRIPs Project #2 - Tuesday, July 9, 2013 (10AM - 2PM) Tour of the Dulles Air and Space Museum.

Announcement will be for maximum of 12 participants in one bus.  Should there be many more participants, we can check if two buses might be available.  The Trip#1 to Lorton Workhouse was a great success and I personally enjoyed it tremendously. The Workhouse staff was also pleased and the tour is in website:

2. Monthly Saturday Matinee at the Movies (excellent suggestion of Sarah Tinsley).  Every Third Saturdays from 1PM - 4PM at Pinn Center starting on October 19, 2013, followed by November 16, 2013. No movies in December. Restart on January 18, 2014.

3. Bingo/White Elephant Fundraiser on September 14, 2013 (1PM - 4PM) at Pinn Center.  We await approval by the Friends of the Fairfax County Senior Centers (FoFCSC).  Plan B could be to have a free bingo like the ones at Heatherwood Senior Apartments,

with a Donations Table/White Elephant Sale/Lottery. I will attend the free bingo game  at Heatherwood held every second Thursdays (maybe on May 9, 2013) to advertise the social programs of the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls (BWSSCWoW).  I will also observe the free bingo at Pinn Center every Wednesdays at 1PM to get more ideas.

See you guys on Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 12Noon to celebrate Italian American Heritage and sing Happy 77th Birthday to Sam DiBartolo. I just received a call from Mrs. Dolores Dennie that she plans to bake a cake for our Pizza Party on Saturday.

130319Meeting#14 of BWSSCWoW Advisory Council.
Meeting Participants: Patricia McGrath, Ned Barnes, Sarah Tinsley, Cora Foley, Larry Mark, Sam Di Bartolo, Shirley Di Bartolo, Michelle Wilhelm (703-324-5525703-324-5525), Debbie Hedden (703-324-7094703-324-7094). 
Excused Absence because of illness: Eppie De La Cuesta
Foley Note sent to Evan Braff.  Many thanks to Michelle Wilhelm and Debbie Hedden for assisting the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls (BWSSCWoW) by researching the financial issues for our fundraising efforts.

1. Bingo Fundraisers (Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services)

Charitable Gaming Contact Roz Trent (804-371-0495804-371-0495)

The requirements for conducting Bingo in County Government Buildings

1) Group handling BINGO must have Non-Profit Determination Status verification letter

             a.) 501-C       b.) 501-8       c.) 501-4       d.) 501-3

2.) Must be registered to solicit donations in Virginia

Additional requirements for Gross Sales exceeding $40,000

1) Must apply for permit

2) Must be in existence for 3 years

3) 50% of membership must be residents in Virginia

We have rescheduled our planned fundraising efforts for BWSSCWoW to start in Fall 2013 (September 14, 2013, Saturday for the Bingo) and for the proposal to recognize sponsors with the quarterly mailings, if that is possible.  We want to give the Shepherd's Center as much room as possible without any competition for their planned Spring Bingo Fundraiser, as they have requested.

We also noted that other Advisory Councils for the Senior Centers are likely to copy our bingo fundraising once our pilot fundraising in September goes well.  Perhaps, the County might want to put a limit on fundraising revenues for bingo events (maybe $2,000 limit that would put all the Advisory Council members of the Friends of the Fairfax County Senior Centers below the $40,000 limit, assuming the total number of members remain below 20. Right now, it is 15 (13 permanent senior centers and 2 senior centers without walls).



130219Meeting#13 of BWSSCWoW Advisory Council.
BWSSCWoW Meetings will be held every Third Tuesdays of the Month (10AM - 12Noon) at Pinn Center.
BWSSCWoW will start TRIPS project with Trip#1 on Thursday, April 11, 2013 from 12:30PM - 3:30PM to Lorton Workhouse.
BWSSCWoW will sponsor a BINGO Fundraiser, perhaps on Saturday, June 8, 2013 from 1PM - 5PM at Pinn Center.
BWSSCWoW will do a survey on how to encourage more male seniors to participate in senior programs in our area.
Meeting Attendees: Ned Barnes, Cora Foley, Larry Mark, Eppie Dela Cuesta, Sam DiBartolo, Shirley DiBartolo, Sarah Tinsley.

121219Update - email to working group:
Update on "Coffee and Conversation at Pinn Center"quarterly intellectual stimulation partnership program of BWSSCWoWon a Black History Month Program focusing onLittle Zion Baptist Church and Pearson Colored School.

Date:  Thursday, February 14, 2012
Time:   12NOON - 2PM
Food:  Light Lunch (Sandwiches), coffee, other beverage to be provided by Pinn Center/BWSSCWoW

Speakers:  Waiting on return from holiday of Audrey Davis.
                Regrets from Wendi Manuel-Scott
                Will Call Dolores Dennie (GLZBC Member who attended Pearson School)
                Checking Freedom House Museum for speaker
                   (Freedom House Museum dedicated to Reverend Lewis Henry Bailey
                    founding pastor of LZBC for he was sold there as a slave).
                Checking other possible speakers
Partner organizations:  Checking other organizations as partners for program and possibility of rotating the quarterly "Coffee and Conversation" with the historic Sydenstricker Schoolhouse.               

Please email me your comments and I will update you on the progress of the FIRST "Coffee and Conversation", quarterly intellectual stimulation partnership program of BWSSCWoW. The next quarter could be on Sydenstricker Schoolhouse
and later maybe on Irish American or Italian American Heritage, etc....

121215Notes to Evan Braff and Ned Barnes on 121206BWSSCWoW Advisory Meeting#12.
During our last meeting of BWSSCWoW Advisory Council
on December 6, 2012 at the Pinn Center,we discussed the goal of increasing participation in BWSSCWoW activities, through mental stimulation programsin partnership with other groups in our area.

1.  Quarterly Coffee and Conversation (free of charge) at Pinn Center.  A strategy for such increase could focus on partnership in mental stimulation programs with Burke 55ers and Shepherd's Center, as well as the inter-generational concept for Region 4

as described by Evan in our November 23rd meeting.

For example, Lisa Carroll asked me if I would speak to their Adventures in Learning about The Coffer Home.  I think it might be a good idea to offer a conversation (free of charge) at the Pinn Center, say on a Tuesday at 10AM with coffee and pastries thrown in as sweeteners, for the participants of the Shepherd's Center Adventures in Learning as well as the Burke 55ers and Region 4 of FCSCC on the historical marker project for The Coffer Home.  We could then add those participants in the quarterly report

of participants in the BWSSCWoW programs.

The 2013 Black History Month program at the Pinn Center is another possibility for such mental stimulation partnerships.

We could plan for quarterly mental stimulation partnerships.

2.   Quarterly Trips jointly with Pinn Center and BWSSCWoW.  Another possibility is wider invitation for Pinn Center trips

to BWSSCWoW participants, as well as Shepherd's Center, Burke 55ers, and Region 4 FCSCC members.

What do you guys think?

Merry Christmas from the Foley Family:

Best Regards.  Cora 

PS - We can actually revisit the concept of Cheryl Laferty for a "Coffee and Conversation" in the partnership idea.  Looking at the calendar, Tuesday, February 12, 2013 (Lincoln's Birthday) might work from 10AM - 12NOON at the Pinn Center for a Black History Month program. Would that work, Ned?

If that is a good day for Supervisor Cook, then we can invite the Shepherd's Center, the Burke 55ers and Region 4 FCSCC

to cosponsor with BWSSCWoW "Coffee and Conversation on Black History Month."

120924Meeting#11 Notes from Larry Mark on 120917Friends of Fairfax County Senior Centers.

Cora - Mary & I sat in on the "Promotions" sub-committee last Monday.  Pass on the following to whoever goes to the next meeting:

1.  Each Senior Center is asked to bring 14 copies of their current "calendar of events" so this information can be distributed to the other centers.
2.  Evan Braff will bring a draft of a "business card" that can be handed out & entitle the recipient to a free visit to a senior center.
3.  The speaker, Chris Leonard, discussed the Fairfax County budget & its impact on senior centers.  The $48 fee is not likely to go away, even though one attendee expressed her displeasure with it.
4.  There is a new center in the works:  The Great Falls Senior Center Without Walls.
5.  New officers for the "Friends of" group will be elected at the next meeting in November.  Date not yet set (working around Thanksgiving).

MEETING #10 - Thursday, July 19 7, 2012 from 10AM - 12PMat Pinn Center for Advisory Council to discuss budget issues and review the Spring 2012 Season.

MEETING #9 - Thursday, June 7, 2012 from 10AM - 12PMat Pinn Center for Advisory Council to discuss budget issues and review the Spring 2012 Season.
Cora Foley, Larry Mark, Sam and Shirley DiBartolo, Eppie Dela Cuesta, and Ned Barnes participated in the meeting.  The line dance schedule was discussed by Ned Barnes: Flyer - July 16; Registration - July 24; Classes begin July 30 and end September 16.  Saturday Line Dancing will begin on 3 August 2012 at Irving MS.  The Virginia Korean Baptist Church has withdrawn from the program.  BWSSCWoW could advertise fitness programs advertised by faith communities and other groups in our area -- one way through the website.  Participants discussed election in May 2013 and issues regarding the Fairfax County Senior Council.

MEETING #8 - Thursday, April 19, 2012 from 10AM - 12PM at Pinn Center with Leadership Team (Volunteer Corps/Advisory Council) Development.  Leadership Team is made up of UNPAID Volunteers.
Q: Could a party be thrown for an instructor of BWSSCWoW and gifts given?
A:  If the employee being honored is receiving gifts in the capacity that she performs as Fairfax County employee, it would be a violation of our County Standards of Conduct if the employee accepts gifts.   Any violation of the standards would be cause for dismissal from Fairfax County employment.  Their guidance indicated that it would be fine to throw her a party on the instructor's behalf but the paid instructor could not receive any monetary attachments or gifts.

Many thanks to Evan Braff who provided us the following specific information in response to questions related to the request to improve salaries for our instructors in the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls.  Best Regards.  Cora
1.  Exactly how much does each instructor earn and how is the salary determined?
 All NCS programs have a pre-determined instructor salary to ensure consistency between programs. 
 Instructor pay is determined by personal and skill-in-field experience, teaching experience, complexity of subject matter and  education.      Currently, the NCS range of salary is $18.5113 - $35.70 per hour. 
The majority of instructors are paid between $18.5113 - $26.215.   There are a few instructors making above the $26.215.  These instructors have been with us for a very long time and their pay reflects it.
In FY 2012, all employees including instructors received a 2.0 % market rate pay increase.   These employees will receive another 2.18% increase in July.
Due to no budget increase in the last several years, NCS has been unable to increase any instructor salaries.  It should be noted that paying instructors at a higher level, without a corresponding increase in budget authority, would greatly reduce the number of instructors we can hire thus impacting the number and choices of classes.
2.    Are all instructors paid by the hour? or are they "salaried," or temps or part-time permanent?
Instructors are paid by the hour.  Per Fairfax County policy regarding temporary part-time employees, cannot work more than 900 hours per year. 
3.  Are instructors paid based on a standard rate or scale by the Fairfax County Government?
Yes, the instructors are paid based on a standard rate and scale.
I understand that instructors start at about $25 plus transportation costs, is this correct?
A NCS instructor with minimal experience would start at $18.8815 per hour, with no provision for transportation expenses.  Instructors with more qualified experience are generally paid $26.215.
What is the upper limit for paying instructors with high skills, training and certification?
Currently, the highest salary that a NCS instructor may receive is the $26.215 per hour.
Could an instructor teaching at Lincolnia be paid much more than one teaching at Lorton or BWSSCWoW?
NCS is consistent with instructor pay.    Instructors are paid on their experience,  not where they are teaching classes.  Each center is budgeted for instructors.  Staff must ensure that they do not exceed the amount budgeted for this line item, as well as that they do not exceed the 900 hour limit for each individual.
4.  How does a BSSCWOW instructor's salary differ from the Parktakes instructor's salary? 
The Center Without Walls instructors are typically paid more than the Parktake instructors.   The salary range for Parktake instructors similar to CWOW instructors is $15.72 - $20.88 per hour.
The Park Authority also has not raised instructor’s salaries because of budget limitations.  NCS and Park Authority work together to establish like salary range so as not to compete with each other.
Exactly what county regulations govern instructors' pay for both the Parktakes and NCS programs?
The Department of Human Resources governs all pay ranges, and each individual agency maintains the responsibility for providing experience and skill-level pay accommodations, all within their existing agency budgets
5.   Is there a way for the senior council to recommend amendments to these regulations?
to provide performance bonuses and incentive pay? 
Each individual agency has the authority to adjust pay for these employees within their existing budget.  NCS and other similar agencies, however, have not increased  pay for these positions the last several years due to the economic environment. 
The Senior Council could certainly make recommendations to NCS leadership if there is a concern about pay issues harming the ability to recruit and retain employees and subsequently harming the ability to offer quality programs and services.

Many thanks to the comments of the Leadership Team supportive of paying more for highly skilled/trained/certified instructors.
The issue revolves around Fairfax County regulations with standard fees for instructors -- so even if we increase fees, the money would not necessarily go directly to instructors.
Therefore, the only way to increase fees directly to highly qualified instructors, would be to support them in their programs that they arrange on their own and for which they could charge their regular fees of $10 or more per session per student. A program arranged by instructors would also allow for donations by students that would go directly to the instructors -- for those classes are NOT county programs and will NOT be held on county facilities.
At the moment, even if a volunteer wanted to donate the $5 gift to the instructor, that would be considered a violation of County rules prohibiting gifts to PAID County Staff.More suggestions on this tricky issue are welcome -- and thank you for the strong support for higher fees for our highly skilled instructors and their livelihood.

120427Request for Comments -- Supporting BWSSCWoW Instructors:

Good Morning.
Dave Spargo raised a very important point at the BWSSCWoW Leadership meeting on April 19th about the need to support our trained instructors with their livelihood while maintaining affordable fees in BWSSCWoW that was created primarily to support low-income seniors in subsidized housing.

Through another FX county activity my mom, wife, and I took a seniors yoga class.  That instuctor was working on an advanced yoga degree and highly skilled.  She said she could not afford to continue teaching through FairfaxCounty because she couldn't support her family--thus this was her last teaching session.  My point is simple.  Retain qualified individuals and pay them fair wages.   In every sector of this economy it's easy to find someone that will do anything for less.  However, usually quality suffers.  I doubt you could bring us an instructor with Mr. Harrison's depth 

Possible solutions:
1.  Support instructors in offering more programs during the break (one month+) between BWSSCWoW programs for which they charge fees of $5 or more per session per person.

These inter-sessional programs would NOT be BWSSCWoW programs and would be run by instructors with their own insurance policies, arrangements.

Because these intersessional sessions are NOT run by Fairfax county, students could collect donations for gifts to the instructors,
perhaps gift cards.

2.   BWSSCWoW could advertise advanced, more expensive programs offered by our instructors.   BWSSCWoW programs 
should be limited to basic/light fitness programs that do NOT compete with these advanced, more expensive programs
that provide livelihood to our instructors.  Kris Brinker and Susie Thomas charge $10 or more per session per student in these advanced classes.

Our instructors have donated their time to promote BWSSCWoW and support for their livelihood is important -- thanks to Dave Spargo
for raising this point.  After all, some instructors are seniors too. Your comments are most welcome.

3.  Growing instructors from BWSSCWoW Volunteers would not address the point of getting highly trained/skilled instructors -- but could provide cheap stop-gap solutions that maintain affordable rates.

BTW Evan emailed me that my calculation of $10k gross cost to the county was correct -- and if we include the $5 per program fees,
the net cost comes to about $5k or about 5% of the $100k cost of a senior center with walls.  Our template has a lot to offer to the county in terms of providing light,basic fitness programs at affordable rates for rapidly growing senior population.
Thanks and Best Regards.  Cora Foley


Ned Barnes did a great job in leading the first meeting of the leadership team and arranging for unpaid volunteers (lead/alternate) class monitors for the Spring 2012 session.  Key points of discussion:

1.   Founding History.  BWSSCWoW was created in response to the absence of a senior center with walls in the Springfield District.  It was created primarily to support seniors living in subsidized housing to have access to affordable fitness programs/aging-in-place arrangements in our neighborhood.  The ladies of Burke Garden Apartments (including Secretary Eppie Dela Cuesta and our 2011 Senior of the Year Pacita Aguas) in 2007 asked Cora Foley's assistance in founding BWSSCWoW.

2.   BWSSCWoW Affordable Fees.  Because BWSSCWoW was founded primarily to provide affordable fitness programs for seniors, BWSSCWoW does not have membership fees and program fees are kept at $5 per class with 8 sessions.

3.  Instructors' Fees and Sessions not Classes.   Concern was raised about paying instructors more.   Cora Foley in followup emails stressed that there is no objection to having the county pay more for instructors, as long as there is NO increase in fees for BWSSCWoW programs.  The senior center programs are not classes from which folks graduate but light/basic fitness programs for seniors to have exercise, social interaction and intellectual stimulation.   Perhaps instead of classes, we should use the word sessions so that folks know that we are promoting light/basic fitness programs not classes from which seniors graduate.  

BWSSCWoW sessions should also be limited to light/basic fitness programs for seniors so we could support our instructors and NOT compete with more advanced classes offered directly by instructors for higher fees. BWSSCWoW encourages participants who want to move on to more advanced classes to take the programs offered by our instructors, like Kris Brinker and Susie Thomas.  Kris Brinker offers more advanced tai chi classes in her website:

Fees are about $130 for 10 sessions.  Susie Thomas also has advanced line dancing classes.

Those classes are NOT BWSSCWoW classes and you will have to arrange directly with the instructors.

120411Note by Cora Foley to Evan Braff (cc:Ned Barnes)

Good Afternoon Evan.  I am getting a lot more confident that our strategy is getting stronger as we move forward.  I agree that the Leadership Team (Volunteer Corps/Advisory Council) should develop the strategy starting with the April 19th meeting.
I agree with having participants sign the liability waiver and then have them mail the sheet to Ned with payment. I was planning to photograph the signed sheet and return it to the participant that way I have a copy of their liability waiver.  Then the UNPAID Volunteer
could check with Ned if the registration has been received so s/he could update the list -- or Ned could email an updated sign-in sheet
to the lead/alternate class monitors.  The most important thing is to ensure that the financial arrangements comply with Fairfax County regulations and that non-Fairfax County residents pay as required. to the lead/alternate class monitors.  The most important thing is to ensure that the financial arrangements comply with Fairfax County regulations and that non-Fairfax County residents pay as required.
We definitely should sit down and figure out financial strategy for the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls.  Let us plan on meeting after the April 19th Leadership Team (Volunteer Corps/Advisory Council) meeting and then we could incorporate the suggestions of the participants in our financial strategy.
The BWSSCWoW template will become even more important as more seniors retire.  In fact, I am thinking of writing an article about the "End of the Suburban Desert" or the transformation from empty homes with two-income households in suburbia to more vibrant communities with grandparents taking care of their grandchildren and populating, restaurants, libraries, etc. The retirees are joining the stay-at-home parents and making the suburbs more alive than what it used to be when our kids were growing up. In a way, it is a return to the old village style before two-income households. But that also brings us to the issue of "aging-at-home" and how best
to approach that goal -- and BWSSCWoW is an element in that strategy.
We have come a long way -- and many thanks to you, Evan and Ned, who are committed to developing this vision for our community.
 The Incognita is becoming more Cognita.
And I do hope that your submission wins money from the Innovation Grants from Harvard University so that we could support
even more senior centers without walls in the county.  Thanks and Best Regards.  Cora
120409Note by Cora Foley to Ned Barnes (cc: Evan Braff)
Thanks so much for your note, Ned.  I agree with your set of responsibilities in attached document that I am resending as a pdf file (no changes).  Since the devil is in the details, the details that I remain interested in are as follows:
1.   Accounting System -- advance registration so that checks are sent to you rather than having volunteers collect fees.  Some folks who are not Fairfax County residents prefer on-site registration so they could just submit $5 -- by having everyone mail in their checks, we could ensure that non-Fairfax County residents pay double, as required in the registration forms.  Starting this Spring 2012, I will ask walk-ins to mail in their registration forms with checks to you -- even though I will go ahead and let them participate on the first time they walk in.  Then I will check with you if they have paid and will include them in my updated list.  This will ease the responsibilities for volunteers and ensure that we are adhering to financial regulations of Fairfax County.
2.   Most Efficient Operations and Cost Reductions.   We are facing the possibility of having 1,000 or more requests for mailings and I thought it would be smart for us to resolve that possible problem now rather than later.  And I hope that by using the volunteers and the Pinn Center as distribution point, we could reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the operations of BWSSCWoW.  I am always thinking of how our project could be used as a model for other senior centers without walls -- particularly since there are so many more retirees in our county for whom our project could be beneficial.
3.  Developing the strongest possible Leadership Team (Volunteer Corps/Advisory Council) of UNPAID Volunteers.  The project was envisioned as a shoe-string operation, with donation of free facilities, as well as free labor by UNPAID Volunteers.   The unpaid volunteers could be a great resource for us in managing the programs on-site, as well as providing us outreach to the community to enlarge our resources.  Their contacts could provide us with more donated facilities, as well as opportunities for fundraising. 
I hope that we could develop ownership of BWSSCWoW by the UNPAID Volunteers through the privilege of attending programs without having to register or pay fees (understanding that if the program is full, then the volunteer would step aside and let paying participants benefit from the program).  That is also the reason why I believe the Advisory Council should step aside in May 2013 so that the rest of the Volunteer Corps would accept responsibility of the Advisory Council.  BWSSCWoW would be stronger if the faces of the seniors involved in the project would be a broad spectrum and not just the Advisory Council. 
If the UNPAID Volunteers own the program, then they would help us think through the best strategy for the future.  I have always valued working with you and Evan for we are in some sense involved in a "terra incognita" and we are helping each other think through the best way to help seniors get the fitness programs, social interaction, intellectual stimulation that could assist in cutting health care costs overall (a critical policy issue for our county and country).  Our project is aimed at helping the community not just the seniors for healthier seniors would benefit our community. See you on April 19th.  Thanks and Best Regards.  Cora

MEETING #7 - Thursday, March 8, 2012 from 10AM - 12PM at Pinn Center with Strategic Visioning.
Community Coalition for Seniors, Financial Issues, Pinn Center Bulletin Board, Winter 2012 Plans.
Community Coalition for Seniors Meeting on February 15, 2012 from 10AM - 12Noon at the Springfield
District Government Center.
March 8, 2012 Meeting of BWSSCWoW Advisory Council. Discussion focused on volunteers, elections, the standard yearly calendar for BWSSCWoW: Spring Session - First Week of May;  Summer Session - First Week of July; Fall Session - First Week of November; Winter Session - First Week of February.   We will develop the Volunteer Corps for BWSSCWoW and prepare for the election in May 2013 for the Advisory Council.  I will be stepping down as Chairman in May 2013 and so will the rest of the Advisory Council  To be an officer, one must be a volunteer (unpaid) class monitor for BWSSCWoW classes.

MEETING #6 - Thursday, February 9, 2012 from 10AM - 12PM at Pinn Center with Strategic Visioning.
Community Coalition for Seniors, Financial Issues, Pinn Center Bulletin Board, Winter 2012 Plans.
Community Coalition for Seniors Meeting on February 15, 2012 from 10AM - 12Noon at the Springfield
District Government Center.

5.   February 9, 2012 10AM - 12Noon Meeting of BWSSCWoW Advisory Council.  Discussion included financial issues ($1,010 bank account for BWSSCWoW established by Sam DiBartolo; communication

issues  (Larry Mark to call Golden Gazette); Outreach (Saskia Orizondo will develop bulletin board notices in Pinn Center); Networking with Partners (Shirley DiBartolo and Evan Braff to lead the 2/15 meeting of community coalition for seniors); Streamlining BWSSCWoW management with plans for a paperless future (Ned will send out the last paper announcements late in 2012).   Participants included Ned Barnes, Cora Foley, Larry Mark, Sam DiBartolo, Saskia Orizondo, Shirley DiBartolo. 



6..  February 15, 2012 10AM - 12Noon Meeting of the Community Coalition for Seniors at the Springfield District Community Room led by Evan Braff and Community Liaison Shirley DiBartolo.  The letter of invitation to senior organizations in our area was sent out on January 27, 2012 by Shirley DiBartolo and Evan Braff.


Supervisor Patrick Herrity very kindly opened the meeting and discussed plans to strengthen

the 50+ programs and welcomed suggestions and support of Center Without Walls members.

Evan Braff will work on a survey to help determine networking possibilities for senior programs in our area.

Tom Bash of the Commission on Aging is working on a website search arrangement to make it easy for seniors to find key information for aging-in-place issues.

Participants included Springfield Supervisor Patrick Herrity, Shirley DiBartolo, Evan Braff, Tom Bash of the Commission on Aging, Jack Zimmerman of the Shepherd's Center, Dorothy Keenan of the Positive Aging Coalition, Frank Blechman, Marlae Schnare, Sam DiBartolo, Cora Foley, Tlly Blanding, Ned Barnes. 


7.   February 13, 2012 10AM - 12Noon Meeting of the Fairfax County Friends of the Senior Centers.  Jessie Ellis of the Fairfax County Government discussed how the group could obtain grants as part of the fundraising programs.  For this year, each Advisory Council for the 14 senior center members could organize a fundraiser on its own.  Financial issues were discussed (total funds $15,341,59, with $8,961.33 restricted funds).  Meeting was chaired by President Veronica Cartier and BWSSCWoW Advisory Council was represented by Shirley DiBartolo, Cora Foley, Sam DiBartolo.  Next Meeting of FFSC - Monday, May 21, 2012.


8.  January 27, 2012 10AM - 12Noon Meeting of the Fairfax County Senior Council Region 4 at the Little Glen Senior Center. Discussion of joint seminars on health issues with participating groups.  Paul Wood and Karen Gasper led the meeting with Shepherd's Center, Mott Community Center Senior Group, Burke Lake Gardens Apartment, Calvary Christian Church, Commission on Aging, and BWSSCWoW represented by Shirley DiBartolo, Cora Foley, Sam DiBartolo.

MEETING #5 - Thursday, December 8, 2011 from 10AM - 12Noon at Pinn Center
Agenda: Community Coalition UpdatE, Financial Strategy, Communication Strategy, Legacy Book, Programming Issues. Participants: Ned Barnes, Cora Foley, Larry Mark, Saskia Orizondo, Sam
and Shirley DiBartolo. PNC Bank Account opened for B-WSSCWoW.
111208Note to Evan Braff on Advisory Council Meeting at Pinn Center on December 8, 2011.
1. Bulletin Board for Pinn Center will be managed by Saskia Orizondo who will develop informational displays for visitors to Pinn Center who may want to support or participate in BWSSCWoW programs.
2. Irving Middle School as Safety Site for Line Dancing Classes. Could you please inquire if Irving Middle School will reserve the cafeteria for BWSSCWoW Line Dancing on Saturdays from 10AM - 12Noon for THE FULL YEAR -- just like what the Woods Community Center has done for square dancing. Irving Middle School could inform Ned at the beginning of the year what dates do NOT work for line dancing in Irving Middle School. Then we will schedule line dancing for those Saturdays that are available, understanding that there maybe changes in the schedule.
We will continue with the registration every season for line dancing but the full year arrangement with Irving will provide us a location where makeup classes could be held that will be open to all line dancing classes held on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays. This is the lesson we learned from this Fall 2011 season when we had so many unexpected cancellations.
3. BWSSCWoW Bank Account at PNC in Burke Centre. Sam DiBartolo opened the account with PNC bank in Burke Centre for the BWSSCWoW Advisory Council So you can ask Easter Seals to mail the $1,000 check (2010Molina Community Champion Grant to BWSSCWoW) written to "BWSSCWoW Advisory Council" to Sam DiBartolo. There are two authorized signatories -- Chairman and Treasurer.
4. Reminder about Cathy Byon and Easter Seals.
5. Shirley DiBartolo reported on your meeting on 11/27/2011 and announced that the Community Coalition for Seniors meeting will be held on February 15, 2011 at 10AM at the Springfield Community Center with Supervisor Pat Herrity delivering welcoming remarks.
6. Ned Barnes announced the inclusion of the Visioning Strategy Discussion in the next BWSSCWoW Advisory Council meeting scheduled for February 9, 2012 at Pinn Center from 10AM - 2PM.
7. Shirley DiBartolo announced the first regional meeting of the Fairfax County Senior Council at the Little Glen Senior Center on January 27, 2012 at 10AM and every fourth Friday of the month.
8. HealthCare Seminars were discussed following up on your suggestion that we use the Fairfax County Senior Council meetings as the venue for such seminas -- like "you're turning 65 and Medicare Advice"; "Options for Caring for Alzheimers Patients', "Enjoying Great Flavors While Eating Healthy", "Money Advice for Seniors -- Hold Tight to your Wallets while Considering Options", etc...
I was thinking of including the calendar of free seminars for seniors sponsored by Fairfax County in the website and announcing them in mass emails to BWSSCWoW participants.
Ned suggested that BWSSCWoW kickoff the healthcare seminar series for the Fairfax County Senior Coalition by sponsoring Wednesday Conversations on Health at the Pinn Center with discussions led by Fairfax County healthcare experts. For Evan Braff -- what do you think?
9. Larry Mark presented his revised Communications Strategy and he will continue working with Ned in improving the community website -
10. I forgot to bring the BWSSCWoW award certificates yesterday so I will bring them today to Ned at the Pinn Center in order to return them to Chris Leonard. Thanks for getting them for June Soh's VoA news report. BWSSCWoW participants emailed me with appreciative comments on the video/report by Voice of America News on our good works.
10. Saturday, December 17, 2011 from 10AM - 1PM at Irving Middle School, we will try the potluck approach to our BWSSCWoW social events. I plan to bring some Philippine food and Cathy Byon will bring some Korean food. We will have a demonstration of tap dancing by some BWSSCWoW participants. If the potluck approach works well, then we could continue with that approach that encourages active participation/donation by BWSSCWoW participants and eases the work for Ned Barnes and his staff.

MEETING#4 - Thursday, October 6, 2011 from 10AM - 12Noon at Pinn Center
Attendees: Evan Braff, Ned Barnes, Cora Foley, Larry Mark, Sam and Shirley DiBartolo. (Saskia Orizondo was out of town so Cora Foley wrote the minutes for this meeting).
1. BWSSCWoW Legacy Book - Cora Foley will collect essays from Advisory Council members, Ned Barnes, and Evan Braff, as well as selected participants of BWSSCWoW, notably Pacita Aguas, Mary Mark, and Bob DeVito, on their personal perspectives on the beginnings and the future of the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls. The book will include bylaws, procedures, BWSSCWoW Financial, Communication, and Community Coalition long term strategies to assist successor Advisory Councils. The book is scheduled for publication in spring 2013 -- with essays requested for submission as soon as possible. It will be modeled after the book on the Fairfax County Asian American History Project and others that Cora Foley has authored.
Many thanks to Camilla Clocker who volunteered to index the book and whom I have requested to be a
selected participant to share her essay on her perspective on BWSSCWoW.
2. Community Coalition for Seniors - Shirley DiBartolo led the discussion of the issues for the Community Coalition for Seniors. She and Evan Braff will meet in late October to discuss the agenda, participants and other issues for the next meeting of the Community Coalition, tentatively planned for February. It will be a reinvigoration of the meetings held from 2009 - 2010 with various community groups and the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls (BWSSCWoW).
3. Communication Strategy for BWSSCWoW - Larry Mark presented the revised Communication Plan for the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls (BWSSCWoW). Ned Barnes and Larry Mark will work on the community website ( to include links to websites of partner organizations of the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls. The revised Communications Plan has been posted in the website:
Larry also shared a wonderful youtube project on his reports on the 101 World Milestones. The first of the Larry Mark Project 101 youtube videos is now available and it is wonderful - Congratulations Larry!!!
4. Financial Strategy for BWSSCWoW - Evan Braff reported on the meeting of the Friends of Fairfax County Senior Centers that decided further legal and financial consultations to review their organizational framework in light of the application of BWSSCWoW. Evan Braff will arrange for a meeting with Sam DiBartolo and the Hollin Hall Treasurer to discuss set-up of a checking account for BWSSCWoW into which we could deposit the $1,000 grant money currently held by Easter Seals as part of the Community Champion Award received by Cora Foley and donated to BWSSCWoW.
5. Ned Barnes reported on the status of BWSSCWoW. Casual Game Days will be hed at the Pinn Center for BWSSCWoW participants every Tuesday starting November 8th from 10:30AM - 1:30PM.
We also discussed possibilities for Springfield District locations and programs, like hula dancing class.
6. BWSSCWoW Saturday Afternoon Specials at Pinn Center. We discussed the possibility of having BWSSCWoW Saturday Afternoon Specials at the Pinn Center to include movies, food demonstrations perhaps in partnership with local restaurants, travel photos/videos of BWSSCWoW participants,
performances of dances/cultural programs in which participants could join. More suggestions are welcome.
The Saturday Afternoon Specials at Pinn Center will be held once a month.
7. BWSSCWoW Senior of the Year Nominees: During the September 23rd meeting of the Senior Coalition, the issue of the Senior of the Year annual nomination was mentioned. For BWSSCWoW, Cora Foley suggested that the nominees be the pioneer volunteers who served as unpaid class monitors for the first classes of BWSSCWoW -- Pacita Aguas was 2011 BWSSCWoW Senior of the Year; for 2012, Mary Mark (not Larry Mark who is disqualified for being on the BWSSCWoW Advisory Council although he can join Mary for the luncheon in honor of Seniors of the Year); and for 2013, Bob DeVito who has shared his time, advice and good humor with BWSSCWoW since 2009. Many thanks to Pacita Aguas, Mary Mark, & Bob DeVito!!!

MEETING #3 - Thursday, August 25, 2011 from 10AM - 12Noon at Pinn Center
Visioning Agenda and Meeting Agenda posted at website:

MEETING #2 - Thursday, July 28, 2011 from 12noon - 3PM at Braddock Hall
Lunch Conversation with Friends of the Fairfax County Senior Centers - Veronica Cartier, Chuck Jones, Joan Watkins, and Bill Crowley followed by Seminar with Fairfax County Speakers - Ellen O'Brien (OPA) on Press Relations; Debra Hedden and Yolanda Sutton on Financial Issues; and Karla Bruce (NCS) on Visioning and Developing Advisory Councils.
Participants: Evan Braff, Ned Barnes, Cora Foley, Larry Mark, Saskia Orizondo, Sam and Shirley DiBartolo, and Jackie Schroeder.

MEETING #1 - Thursday, June 16, 2011 from 1PM - 3PM at Pinn Community Center
MINUTES RECORDED BY - A. Saskia Orizondo, Secretary, BWSSCWoW Advisory Council

Center Without Walls Meeting Minutes

Held at Pinn Community Center

June 16, 2011at 1 p.m.

Chair: Corazon Foley

Attendees:Fairfax County: Evan Braff, CRS Division Supervisor, Ned Barnes, Director, Pinn Community Center and Tilly Blanding, DNCS Community Developer II, BWSSCWoW Advisory Council: Cora Foley, Chair, Larry Mark, Vice-Chair, Sam Dibartolo, Treasurer, Jackie Schroeder, Community Liaison, and Saskia Orizondo, Secretary.

Evan Braff:Discussed some of the requirements and benefits of CWoW obtaining a Non-Profit Status.Requirements: detailed documentation and records, a Board of Directors, an Accountant, incorporate for liability reasons.Benefits:receive grants, accept donations.Action required:Ned will find lawyer (Ryan) to look further into Non-Profit status.

Cora Foley:A viable option at this time is for the CWoW to establish a partnership with the Friends of the Seniors Center who is already a well established, non-profit incorporation while simultaneously working on CWoW’s non-profit status and learning from FSC experiences.Actions required: With attorney’s help, work on drafting a Memorandum of Understanding for the partnership; set up meeting with Friends of the Seniors Center for July 28 12pm -1pm.

Evan Braff:Discussion on importance of following County’s protocols.Check with Ned or Evan to ensure that any questionable activity is approved by Fairfax County.

Evan Braff and Tilly Blanding did not attend the remainder of the meeting.

Cora Foley:Importance of training teachers to substitute when needed, especially for Line Dancing; it is by far the largest class offered by CWoW.Action:Start a ‘teachers’ line dance class, with the goal of having sufficient capable instructors to substitute in a rotation fashion when needed.The instructors will receive a ‘salary’ for their service.

Class Registration 6/22/11 8:30am - 11am.Volunteers still needed for 6/22/11.Ned and staff will handle the rest of the registrants after 6/22/11.

Next meeting: July 5 at 1pm., volunteers to attend/participate.Open Agenda, including:

-- Volunteers’ procedures.

-- Fall Classes Suggestions.

Additional Dates to remember:

July 28: Thursday, 12 noon- 1pmmeeting with Friends of the Seniors Center

1pm - 3pm Evan Braff::County Activities protocols… ‘County 101’

August 5:Friday, 1pm to 10pm -Picnic - Community Day at Pinn Center

September 2 - last day of Summer classes

September 10 and 11 -- Burke Day Festival.Excellent opportunity to promote CWoW and meet other community organizations.Volunteers needed.

September 17 - CWoW Picnic - Fall Registration Forms will be available